Jun 19/21
2:12 pm

NRV 13's Club Team




Member of the NRV Juniors Volleyball Roanoke,VA


Coach David's Philosophy




I do not want anyone to break this rule!

But it means more than just taking in life sustaining air.  I think of this as your personal physical fitness. That is your responsibility! We will test you during practice with drills and give you an opportunity to compare yourself to your peers. But physical conditioning is something each of you own.  (I own mine as well!)

Another aspect of Breath:  Each attack, pass, set and serve is another opportunity to reset and focus and breathe. You have to be quick to let the last one go.. It is fun to admire a great set or serve, but you have to get back into the game. And on the other side - a missed pass does not impact the rotation of the earth.   Shake it off and get ready for the next one… Breathe



 Cheers and team sprit is fun. Laughing and socializing with friends are all Fun. And be honest, winning is fun. If winning was not important we would not keep score. But winning is not what playing is all about. I enjoy and have fun watching us execute something new, even if we lose.   Remember, “playing” by definition should be fun.. If not they would call it work.  And growing skills and physical endurance is considered fun.  I always like to try finding the fun in something that I am doing.


Learn Something –

Everything we do is a learning opportunity.  You will be surprised that learning is not always just about volleyball. We will learn how to play better for sure, but there are other life lessons we will learn as well.  Volleyball is  a great sport, but we need to remember that is it just a catalyst for us to learn more about life.


While this may seem like a simple philosophy, hopefully you can see how all three of these Breathe, Have Fun, and Learn Something compliment each other.




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