Sep 24/20
2:33 pm

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Medicine Hat


The Stick - Self Myofascial Release Tool

Presently used by Major League Baseball, the NFL, and the US Olympic Team!

Whether it's sport training,repetive movements & postures at work, or from daily activities in life, our muscles can become tight and painful. This tightness is our body's signal that one area of the body has become imbalanced from another. Using The Stick increases oxygen and blood flow to muscle which helps relieve tight and/ or tender areas. Consequently, it enhances muscle health, allowing for optimal performance in sport or work.

The Stick  is an excellent tool to find trigger points. Trigger points, commonly known as 'knots', are muscle fibres that were once supple and elastic, but have become tight and fibrous bands of tissue.These trigger points may or may not yet be symptomatic, therefore finding these areas early can reduce future problem areas.


The Stick - "The Toothbrush for Muscles!"


Regular Size - $52.50 (Includes  GST)


For further information on The Stick technology go to

Contact 403.878.4294 to purchase



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