Feb 27/20
6:11 pm





Member of the L.M.S.A. SPONGE HOCKEY



On a bright but crisp Saturday afternoon during the Pylons' final season at Old Ex during the 2006-07 season, the pylons took to the ice for a pair of regular season games scheduled for 3 and 4 pm. The pylons were short female players that day and things appeared bleak as the pylons were forced to play the entire first game shorthanded with only one female. What took place that Saturday was nothing short of a miracle. The brave pylons managed to hold off the first team in the early game that day squeaking out a one goal win but the effort took its toll as the pylons were tired and battered heading into the late encounter. Despite trying their best, the pylons were behind after the first period in the second game and seemed to lack the energy needed to overcome the opposition. However, just when things looked darkest, Alison Trethart appeared on top of a snow bank. There she stood, dressed in street clothes, fresh from education classes, ready to help out her teammates. She took to the ice like a woman possessed and turned in a performance that many fail to believe if they hadn't witnessed it with their own eyes. In less than two periods, Trethart had a career game, scoring two goals and adding three assists leading the pylons to another victory. Maybe it was a miracle or maybe it was just was her skin tight jeans that propelled her to achieve greatest but in the end, it will go down as ONE OF THE MOST UNBELIEVABLE MOMENTS IN PYLONS' HISTORY!!!!



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