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LAC Co-ed Softball



LAC, Salem County



New for 2018

1) If a player is ejected from a game, that player will automatically be suspended from their next scheduled game PLAYED.. If team of player in question forfeits a game, that does not count for suspension.

2) 7 teams will make playoffs with #1 seed getting a bye.. First round will be 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, and 4 vs 5. The #1 seed will get the lowest remaining seed left from first round in the semis.


New Rule for 2016 - No outfielder may throw any hitter out at 1B on a clean hit to outfield. Umpires discretion. ( Example: If a pop fly lands in grass just behind 2B or an error is made, ball then hits grass the hitter may still be thrown out. ) This rule is to keep outfielders from throwing to first on a clean base hit. If this does happen in a game the runner will be automatically awarded second base.

New Rules for 2015 - No kids under 16 will be allowed on field at any time during the games.
All bats must be compression tested. A sticker will be provided for each bat that passes and may be used. If your bat does not have a sticker, you will not be able to use it in our league.

Player MUST play 7 of 13 regular season games to be playoff eligible.

METAL CLEATS are not allowed

Only change for 2013 is Finals will be a 5 game series.

New Rule for 2012:
Teams may use Unlimited Extra Hitters (EH's) as long as there is a male/female combiniation.

Rules updated in 2011 highlighted in green.



1.     A team must have at least 14 players on the roster, 7 males and 7 females and a maximum of 20.

2.     Each team must have at least 5 males and 5 females on the field at all times.  4 outfield (2 males and 2 females), 4 infield (2 males and 2 females) and 1 catcher and pitcher (1 being a male and the other being a female).

3.     (A)  A team can start with 9 players, with 4 of them being males or females, and the 10th one being OUT when their �at bat� comes up, unless a player comes later to fill that spot.  (B)  Must have 9 on a team to finish, with 4 of them being male or female.  Any less constitutes a forfeit.  (C)  If a team plays short-handed , with either 3 in the infield or 3 in the outfield, at least 1 of 3 must be male and at least one of the 3 must be female.

4.     If an outfield player is standing in the infield, or if an infield player is standing in the outfield while a batter is up, all runners advance one base and a ball is called to the batter.

5.   Pitches - 6ft arc from the ground, while not exceeding a maximum height of 12ft from the ground, using restricted flight balls. If an illegal pitch is called, a ball shall be called on the batter.  If a batter swings at or contacts any illegal pitch it is nullified and all plays stand. (In 2010 ASA changed this rule to 6-10ft.  This league has voted to keep it at 6-12ft.)

*6.     A rectangle mat will be used for balls and strikes.  Strike Zone will be the full plate and mat. 

7.     Each team will be designated a color. All players for each team must have the same color shirt with numbers. All shirts must be worn on outside of sweatshirts or other clothing.

*8.  Teams are permitted 2 "Courtesey Runners" each game.  Once a player is designated to be run for, he/she WILL have a runner for the rest of the game.  Last player out will be courtesy runner. Male for male & female for female. 

9.     Rosters and fees due by date stated at the meeting. Team fees will be decided each year.

*10.  WAIVERS RULE:  If a player is dropped from a team during course of season, he/she may play for another team, but MUST go through waivers to do so, beginning with the lowest seeded team and so on, until player is picked up. (Player must play in a TOTAL of 7 games during the course of the regular season to be eligible for playoffs.)  Cutoff deadline: TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO LAST OFFICAL REGULAR SEASON SCHEDULED GAME!  TEAM ORDER FOR WAIVERS WILL BE DETERMINED FROM PREVIOUS YEAR'S REGULAR SEASON FINAL STANDINGS.

11.  A team may pick up players to replace a player on the roster to prevent forfeiting, BUT you must give Mitch notice prior to adding player to a team.  No notice, they don�t play!

 *12.  15 minute rule before a forfeit. Start on time with 9 players (not allowing 15 minutes for 10th player)

 13.  15 rule run after 5 innings. (Includes playoffs!)

14.  No bunts, steals or leads.

15.  Umpire�s decision is FINAL � (This is for Fun!)  There will be fines imposed for foul language and misconduct.   (Umpire�s discretion.)  1st Offense - $25.00 fine, 2nd Offense - $25.00 fine and 1 game suspension, 3rd Offense � You are finished for the season!

16.  Control for team and coaches is a team responsibility.  (This is for FUN!)

17.  There can be 10 players, plus UNLIMITED Extra Hitters (EH�s) if desired.  If you only have 1 EH, than you will use none, must remain male/female batter order.  EH�s cannot be added after the game begins.   

 18.  The batting order must be male/female rotation throughout the entire game, including EH�s.  EH�s may play the field.  If EH�s are in the line-up, you have no extra player and a player gets injured, or has to leave early, an EH can play that position, but must keep his or her own batting position, and an out must be taken for the player had to leave or was injured.  If one of the EH�s has to leave, the other EH can remain in the game, but the team must take an out for the EH had to leave or was injured.

19.  No advance on missed/dropped 3rd strike.

20.  Each team will have 2 games a week when possible.

21.  Ages for players:  16 and up - Must be 16 before the start of the season.

22.  Starting time for games � 6:30pm and 8:30pm.  Time limit � 2 hour games.  Teams may complete an inning started, but cannot start a new inning after 8:30pm, exception � 8:30pm games may run to 10:50pm, park lights have to be off by 11:00pm - No if, and, or buts!

23.  Slide or Veer Rule:  you must slide or veer off on close plays. Umpires call.

24.  Any walk to a male batter will result in a 2 base award. Runners advance only if forced. The next female batter will bat. (Exception) With 2 outs, the female batter has the option to walk or bat.

25.  If male batters have 2 strikes and hit a foul ball, they are out!  Female batters get one courtesy foul.

26.  Teams may use the Re-Entry Rule:  Must remain in the same batting order and must play entire inning before substitution is made. Must report a substitute to opposing scorekeeper prior to entry into game. Re-entry must go to the field first for an entire inning.

27.  Games will start sometime in the month of August. Call Mitch Wygand to schedule a practice at the field.

28.  Play-offs: Players must play at least 7 games during the season to be eligible for playoffs.

29.  All regular season tie games beyond 5 innings shall continue the next time said teams play. Games not reaching 5 innings shall be replayed.

30.  A game called by an umpire shall be regulation if 5 or more complete innings have been played, or if the team second at bat has scored more runs in 4 or more innings than the other team has scored in 5 or more innings. Playoff games must go into completion, with 15 run rule in effect.

31.  If wrong ball is pitched, the manager of the batting team has the option of taking the result of the play or having the last batter re-bat and assume ball/strike count prior to ball being used.

32.  We will set rain dates accordingly. If 1 or both teams cannot make a date set then they forfeit the game.  We will try every way possible to keep a team from having to forfeit.

33.  Throwing a glove at a batted ball is a three base award.

*34.  Line in outfield: Removed Outfield Line.

 35.   Name and number of each player should be in the scorebook.

36.  (Concerning Play-offs) If two teams end up with a tie record and their head to head games are split, then a one game playoff will be played to decide who gets the spot.  If something comes up and no rule is in place, a decision will be made by the league as a whole at that time.

37.   If a team forfeits 3 or more games during the regular season, they are automatically disqualified from the playoffs.

38.  Once playoffs are set, if you cannot field a team, you will forfeit.

39.  Once schedule is set, NO GAMES WILL BE CHANGED!

40.  Any woman that is pregnant will not be permitted to play in the league.

41.  Homerun limit for a game is 7 homeruns.  Every homerun after 7 is an out. (An in-the-park-homerun does not count towards a team's total of 7.)

*42.  BATS!  ASA Bats Only (If found with an illegal bat, player may be banned from league for life.)

*43.  Strike Zone will be the full plate and mat

*44. Umpires shall yell "ILLEGAL PITCH" if a pitch is lower than 6 feet or higher than 12 feet.

*45.  When a homerun is hit, the batter needs only to touch 1st base and any other players on base shall advance & touch the next base, then return to their bench side. (Players do not need to round ALL bases.)

*46.  Umpires will check bats before game.  If it is noticed that a bat is brought into play that wasn't approved by the umpire, player and bat will be removed from game.  Player will also be suspended for next game & fined $50.  A 2nd offense and the player is banned from the league for life.

*47.  Runners on 1st and 3rd base may opt to "step-off" when teammate is batting.  Runners may be a couple feet off of base path in foul territory, but MUST re-touch the base when ball is put in play before advancing to the next.

If any team misses two (2) consecutive meetings, team will be fined $50.00.  If you are fined, fine must be paid before team's next game, or game is a forfeit.



Any Questions, please contact:

Mitch Wygand, President 856-373-8676
Scott Heritage, Vice President 856-275-0686
Amy Franklin,Treasurer 856-362-9765




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