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Kildonan Mudcats




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--- A History of the Kildonan Mudcats ---

Tom Borys first organized a Mudcats team in 1991. It was an independent team and one of the original members of the newly formed Winnipeg Senior Baseball League. They operated out of Giants (Koskie) Field and they won the first League Championship.

Some of the players on the first team included Tim Borys, Jeff Trager, Howie Prociuk, Brent Bellamy, Gerry Ouelette and two Silvaggio brothers*. The team played in the league until it was disbanded 1996.

In 2001, the Elmwood Giants Baseball Club saw the need for a second Senior team. In the Club's opinion, too many Elmwood-based players were quitting baseball, going to other organizations or switching to slow-pitch. The Club was going to call the two Elmwood Giants teams the "Reds" and the "Blues", but the league insisted on a completely different name and chose the Mudcats name based on the prior history.

Carey Candy, Mike Krykewich and Lorne Korol became the first coaches and also played. Other players included Chris Mussel, Paul Sirant, Ryan Howanyk, James Kinley, Russ Shine (active), Dave Tailleu (active), Dennis Grey, Rob Cosens, Mike Crerar and Don Swink.

The Club asked veteran coach Rick Zurba to take over the team in 2003. He would provide the leadership and stability needed to solidify the team and take it to the next level.

A group of players from the 2003 - 2005 championship Junior teams joined the Mudcats in 2006. They included Ryan Kuldys, Chris Leclerc, Jason Desjarlais, Ryan Bartle, Marc Saurette and Tyler Koswin.

In 2007 and 2008, the Mudcats earned the right to participate in the AA Provincial Championships. In 2008, they won the B Side Championship of the WSBL, earning the right to go to the 2009 Senior A Provincials in Wawanesa MB.

The Mudcats won the WSBL title in 2012 (first in 20+ years) and finished second place at the AA All Star Provincials in Brandon MB.

On Tuesday June 12th, 2012 RHP Greg Penner threw the only Perfect Game in Mudcats history against the Red River Valley Twins.

The Mudcats have won two league championships in the past three years (losing in the finals the other year). With the addition Wes Pomeransky in 2010, the signing of Angus Klassen in 2012. The addition of Colin Waldner & Derrick Funk in 2013. Paul Schaak and Patrick Vandoorne the squad has youth and depth for years to come. .


* - Our collective memories are failing us. Can you provide the names of these two original players?


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