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2007 /08 season pen pic's

G.K. in goal we have alex andrews easly the best youg keeper within g.e.u. he has played at prem / cat / and div 1 most of his senior career not had the best of defences in front of him to help him out therfor has a poor record dont let this fool you this kids good very

#3 scott holst looks like he's 12 yr old plays like he's 30 very mature for a youg guy and way tougher than his boyish looks very willing to learn and im sure will go on for many years at this level or above

#4 taj chatha has the missfortune of being manjits son and constantly draws the comparison take note he is not manjit and never will be and quite rightly so he is a dam good player in his own right another very inteligent player and is way harder than he sometimes lets on he has a little to learn about this standard but he will learn it very quickly and keep improving from there watch this guy in two years time

#5 Darin is a guy who played for me at cat level and i gave him a new role it took a game or two for him to get to grips with it then he took an injury .... when he came back he nailed his job for the rest of the season.... a very solid dependable addition to the squad

#6 kev just met him for the first time and you could see his level of competence immediatly going to be a great asset to the team giving a calming influence when its needed

#7 gaz the hardest one for me to talk about he knows im his biggest critic in england he was coached by the guys who taught me to coach so he knows what i want and delivers probably the most versatile player on the squad good with both feet and good in the air knows the game well and makes some of the harder skills look easy you should enjoy playing with him

#8 jordan ( jordy ) i love his style of play its all hustle bustle and in midfield thats huge for me the opposition will have no time to rest or settle on the ball he's like an over-exited jack russle chasing the ball

#9 chris pike the most experienced player on the squad and by that i mean he's done all this before time and time again he knows what it takes, his head on your shoulders ?, talk to him, ask him and most of all listen to him he's in this squad for a reason

#'s 10 / 11 the maci brothers two guys quite different but both very talented in different ways marco very quiet very intelegent player will go on to be one of the best players in the squad if he opens that pandora's box he carrys while dennis should go on to be a strong dominant force in the game for many years if he lets himself im looking forward to working with both these guys

#12 Adam is an old fasiond english center forward hard working, hard running and direct if he gets no service he WILL come looking for it and maybe even take it off you and show you where to put it only problen is he wont be there to recieve it .... this guy will score goals for us this year give him the god damn ball

#14 Kyle chatt been a fav of mine for a few years has the potential to go prem in a year or two as hard as a coffin nail but has the odd brain fart he's saved his teams asses way more than he costs them

#15 A.J. a real gem five foot nothing and 120lb wet through will challenge and beat 6' 200lb guys all game long fast, tricky, last season had an attitude change which has opened up his game and this season he's stoked to play div 1

#16 Kazrah this guy could be A.J.'s twin both in looks and style of play ..... a very exciting addition to the squad with very quick feet and a mind to match ..... light blue touch paper and stand well back

#17 chad another guy i dont know much about but ask arround .... i have ..... and every one tells me what a good signing ive just made

#18 what can you say about gyro i was so glad when he signed because i love working with this guy he's tough fast and direct, has a hard shot and always gives 100% loves cutting in from the left but i want so much more from him this year and im sure he will do his best to deliver

#19 our captain is sayer or slayer as he will get called the best organiser of a defence in golden ears and he does it very similar to how i want it done way faster than he looks but has a head like a sherifs badge i have no hesitation making this guy captain he earns it every game he will cover your ass then get on it for being sloppy or out of possition did i say he has a head like a sherifs badge

Sott Walters comes to us from Abbotsford prem and is a class player he almost played for me at c.a.t. but got a serious injury that put him out for the season this guy is a ball of energy and can play in any possition including goal as he did agains our prem early this season

2007/08 game reports

This is where i will give my thoughts both good and bad on how i felt the last game went

Alderhol utd 1 Cobras 0
i can only remember them having two chances both errors on our part a mix up at the back leading to a one on one with one of their faster players running at one of our not faster players result .... a gaol the second when a guy had a free header off a corner where no-one responded he did almost everything fight ... lost his man ... headed it down ... but off target or it would have been two nil it seemed that everything they created we delt with ... a check ... a block or upscaterling them ... one from Alex and one from Scott
i can remember us having three clear cut chances Pike had a great turn and volley that te keeper saved Jordy hit a post and Adam had a great chance at the back post .... on any other day and one or all of them could have gone in i know we had other close call's or good saves by their keeps but i see those three as should have gone in's
every time we looked shakey at the back some-one steped up to cover his team mates arse ... and we're going to need that again as the season goes on up front we just didd'nt gel as much and i know when i / we find the right combinations we will be zinging... all in all im happy with the performance but we do need to improve as the season goes on i dont mind mistakes as long as we learn from them and put things right

well we put things right this week with a 3-1 win over the arse we seemed to be under pressure for most of the game but good teams find a way to win and we did A.J.'s first was a training ground success with gary taking the corner and sayer being the decoy with A.J. attacking the space just behind him and the result ..... was not a downward header but i'll take it anyway
his second was a real oppertunity goal im sure he took the ball and the guys wallet and watch all in one go sneaky little bugger
their goal came from a was it wasnt it penalty keith said it was so it was and the guy put it away nicley giving alex no chance even though he went the right way
our third was what i would call a typical adam type goal strong , fast and direct running gave him the chance to give us insurance and he put it away well
for overall play i thought Kaz was our best player he was all over the midfield like a cheap suite talking and organisinfg for 90 mins

in a game like this its hard to find a negative because each and every player played their part and no one should underestimate their contribution to this team with out the guys who do the mundane work of marking and shutting down or even just wearing them down other players would not get the time and space they do A.J. KAZ & ADAM diddnt win this game WE ALL did

this week i was asked why it takes so long to get the game report up .....well i find soccer is a very emotional sport and in the past ive spoke my mind when i should have shut up now i like to wait a while til ive settled down and try to give a honest and accurate view without twisted bitterness or total elation clouding my view
this week it was twisted bitterness i was so pissed off after the game at getting beat by those donkeys who are not fit to lace our boots
and it was our own fault i thought we dealt with #22 pefectly and that ball could have sprung to any of their players and he would have put it in from there after the game a player told me that guy's not that fast ... well i diddnt see it anyway... thats perfect we never gave him 30 yds to run into he got 5 & 10 thats what i asked for and thats what i got .... i keep going on about we have to create chances and we did...****loads ... i will never ever complain about our finishing or lack of ...if you think its easy then play there and do a better job .... the hardest part of soccer is to put in the back of the net think about what happens at shooting practice alex will tell you he has very little to do there is so many OFF target.... WHAT PISSED ME OFF ? two things (1) we are not driving the ball into the box like we talked about from day 1 the balls we put in are way to easy to defend way to easy that was about 6 missed oppertunities to create havoc in their box and (2) there must have been at least 20 passes that went behind the man and he had to check his run instead of keeping momentum going... time and time again we had runners beating their man and he had to check back to collect the ball ..... this is basic school boy stuff and if this is the level of play we are going to serve up then we are in****
like ive said before i can only tell you what to do and ask you to do it .... bottom line is me and gregg are the only ones not kicking a ball all game but we do decide who does

there is not a lot i can say that ive not put on here before we played great and we have once again improved but again no points from a game i felt we took 15 mins just to get into the game marco went on cold and got caught out alex plaped a little at number 2 and we fell a sleep on a corner for number 3 i know i keep churning out the same old trust me its coming line but this is where you HAVE TO BELIEVE that what we are doing is right and its vital that we dont panic or start changing things we are in a very tough cycle of games right now and this will make us stronger and sharper when it matters
those who know me best trust me
those who dont know me so well must trust them

once again i find myself wanting to type the same old thing and you guys must be sick of reading it but we must not panic those who were there on sunday must realise how close we are the last 20 mins they had us on the rack but in those conditions and with only 12 men im not supprised but we cant get it back its gone all we can do is look forward figure out what else we can do to make that final difference
we can only do so much at training when key players are not at training but school and work HAS to be your priority so we have to try to work things out in a game and it takes a little longer
as for the game we started with 12 men in awful wind and rain the game seemed 50 / 50 for the most part they had their better than us spell and we had our better than them spell but it remained 0-0 until about 10 mins before the half when Kaz hit a 25 yd i think left footer that had the keeper beat all ends up and rocked the crossbar .......... still 0-0 . then with about 1 or 2 mins to go they had a chance going into the box when the ball bobbed up and caught kaz on the hand they gave a great shout .... and we all looked at ziggy who said play on...they did and we hesitated and it was in.
we started the 2nd very well had most of the play chad hit a great cross ball to the back end of the box where gary controlled it and chipped the keeper from about 8/9 yds out i dont know how he does it im just glad he did now its game on ....again it was very even with both teams having chances the we get ziggied ..... pike gets two handed in the back and lands on the floor both teams stopped and they where pissed with their guy for a stupid fowl ... but no its play on .... they did we diddnt its now 2-1 for the third their tails were up and our heads were down and a kid just ran through the defence and slotted .... this was not a 3-1 or even a 2-1 game it had draw written all over it but that counts for nothing in a points sence but we have to believe that what we are doing is working with a display like that but maybe we need to look at our concentration this is not the first time this season we have been caught out like this

thankfully ive got something else to write about other than how we diddnt deserve to lose well i hope you can all see what ive been watching for the last few weeks last weeks game was our best yet we played and worked hard knocked it about defended well and the strikers did everything they could .... the reason we diddnt score .... teir keeper we wont face many better performances than that all season this weeks man of the match goes to Scott he tied up what was their main threat he even switched sides because he diddnt know how to play against a midget they aimed for he the first three plays of their game and got nothing Scottie just shut the door .... well done Scott

I hope everyone enjoyed the feeling at the final whistle as much as i did. Its always nice to turn the top team over but to do it the way we did was special everyone played their part and we finaly got 3 well deserved points it diddnt matter who we were playing we just needed a win to boost confidence ive seen this coming for the last few games but i have to confess i diddnt expect it against them half time 0-0 all we did was what we had to do ...... contain them , give them no easy options they had to do everything the hard way and they couldnt do it second half when marco struck a beauty i felt it had come too early and we might wake an angry dog but kev soon put it to sleep for a while with a 25 yard screamer they seemed stunned for 10 mins where nothing seemed to happen then when they got one with 22 mins left that usually spells disaster ... their tails go up our heads go down ....considering they had about 70% possetion til the end of the game they diddnt do much with it a few long range shots into the next field everything else was cut out , blocked or just cleared until jiro scored a 2 yard screamer which almost reached the back of the net just to seal the win
once we got 2 goals up i decided to leave that group out there as long as i could those guys got us into that possition so then earned the right to stay out there and defend it.
it goes to prove what ive said before in this team you never know who is going to be the difference maker on any given day
QUESTION ?..... we diddnt beat them by scoring more goals than them .... we beat them by ???????? ..... any body know ?

ive been very late putting this one on because its for me the most worrying loss to date yeah we had key players missing and on the night we had key players late ...well sh1t happens and you have to deal with it me it showed big time how some of the younger guys are just not ready for that and as we only carry a small squad its going to happen again .....its too early in the season to say step up or step out i am always patient with young guys who are trying to make the step up but the key word here is trying when they stop trying to improve then i stop caring and start looking else where but we are not at that stage yet but i will do what i have to do to keep this team in div 1
as a game report we shat right where we sleep in the first 30 mins after that we were the better team maybe we took it to them or maybe they took their foot off the gas who knows but we lost 3-1 and deserved to
todays game all went according to plan ...... their plan ......we diddnt get close to inflicting our will on the game they made us do the things in a game that are hard we had almost no easy options what bugged me was these are all things we have talked about we seem to have got away from the basics almost as if ... we beat a.c.b.c. so we have reached the promised land .... sorry guys there isstill a long way to go we still need to work our hardest in every game or we WILL get beat its as simple as that when was the last time we took a throw t the corner of the 18 and flicked it on .... when was the last time took a corner and dropped it in behind sayer and attacked the space ... yeah he's still making those runs ...he did it against the gunners and the ball was dropped in and ..... nothing nobody attacked the space .... when we talk about these things and practice them its not just for that week ITS FOR EVER i want to see you do them week after week so we get used to it ... so we get better at it
i know this is not much of a game reoprt but hey we got beat 4-0 taj got sent off and i was asked to leave
after the game i heard i guy say that we diddnt offer much offence today .... well let me tell you I was being as offensive as i could be and was asked to leave
i know the last 2 weeks ive been very negative and im sorry for that get this next game out of the way against delta then let's all just have some fun with it its all getting too serious
Well not a happy ending but a hell of a performance yet another game where we deserved better they know they dodged a bullet starting at the back sayer was on form sorting and organising and making big challenges and his D line shut down most of their chances when brad steped in he diddnt look to far off the pace but perhaps a little nervous
kaz and aj in center mid may have looked a little small but they out jumped and out worked their opponent in most area's out wide marco wa on fire and up front adam and mat linked up well with adams pace strength and aggresion ...mat was able to read it well and had a number of chances to capitalise
when you have that many guys on form than you will always be in with a chance in every game and at this level thats what it takes be up for it .... be ready
gregg gave gary man of the match ahead of others who also had a big game because he played a big game out of possition

poco 1 v 1 cobras
not an easy game for me to talk about as i was'nt there so having heard reports from different players i spoke to the only guy there who is supposed to be indipendant .... ZIGGY
his take on the game was quite different to most players ive heard that we were under pressure for most of the first half and zigmyster said yeah but they never got inside the 18 much your defence kept them at bay in the most part .... they dealt with everything poco threw at them
second half we seemed to settle down a little not so much who went into defence but who came out in the mids the addition of scott walters also had an impact then the late introduction of matt gave us the point this weeks M.O.M. goes to Alex because he gave the rest of the team the chance to get somthing out of the game and we did
an extra mention has to go the Kaz for his work ethic he gives 100% in every game and did again this week i could easyly give him mom most weeks
cobras 1 v 1 tsawassen
this game almost got away from us with once again just one slip up and its 1-0 down just like ndfc where we dominated the game diddnt put away our chances and it comes back to bite us in the ass but at least this week we did look like a good side again and moving the ball up as a unit and supporting the strikers went well .... we have to keep this momentum going and stick with it til we get what we deserve out of a game our weakest point today was our passing especially out of defence we almost got cought out on a number of occasions where we had possetion started to move forward as a unit and then bang one bad pass and they are straight back down our throats when we may be short handed ( gues what we are doing on tuesday )
to prove a pont the last two games have been saved in the last min's of the game ..... never give up no matter how late it is in a game Scott W came good this week after yet another cross into the box someone finally got on the end of one and made it count

i dont like doing a report on practice matches however one thing on my mind fron the tigers game ..... in the first half we passed the ball quickly and worked the ball into the box and created lots of chances and had a 5 goal advantage by the half
second half we decided to shoot on site from everyone and from everywhere and we only got 1 maybe we got greedy maybe we got lazy and maybe we got tired but i know which i would rather us do .....sometimes its staring you in the face and you still cant see

dont it feel good to get what you deserve
as i said at the half we got what we got off effort and energy and in both the first and second half they tired before we did but it was a little more than that people were making the right choices sayer was screaming hoof it out and scott curtis and the other scott danced their way out with the ball on a shoe string great when you get away with it but dangerous when you dont most of our work was done with clean crisp 10 yard passes reaching their target and then the longer ball when it was on.... while all this sounds great you have to realize that this should be the norm .... the minimum standard expected at this level we have to do this week in week out
as for the game im not sure why their goalie wanted to try to take on our forwards but i bet he feel a right twat now ( bad choice right there ) den's work ethic up front seemed way higher than when he's played in the mid's and it paid off for him with two goal's one of which was his own hard work and digging and the other with a great ball from adam
A.J. showed his best form in this game by stealing one on the line ...a great follow up to a good move which almost worked again 15 mins later and his second was a good strike that was never going to be saved
special mention's for alex with a couple of good stops and one great one from a close range flick header..... for kaz and his none stop energy down the left ...... walters and his hold and release style of play bringing other players into the game and also adam who worked his nuts off and tried to score but it wasnt happening so he started laying the ball off to his strike partner which paid off big style
a great game to watch ... a great result ... and did anybody else notice how soon after each sub went on we scored ... hell they were good choices

well this was my first game ever in the pak cup and we got the win i thought at times we were a bit scrappy and they looked to play better soccer than us but we still dug it out alex was at his best today with about 6 good saves darin did well on his return and diddnt look too far off the pace and it was nice to see kevin back in the fold
the first goal was what ive said time and time again cause confusion in their box and anything can happen sayer went forward and took one guy with him and two others came to meet hit .... result the ball goes right passed them all to A.J.'s toe 1-0 to us the opener and also last weeks opener were both garbage goals but it got us going and settled us down . you have to remember it dosent have to be a highlight reel goal to count as 1
i diddnt see their goal as i had my back turned
second and third goals as i remember them were very similar decent build up and jiro dancing passed the keeper to slide them in
its took til now for a ref to call him gyro and its took til now for him to light it up long may it continue
i feel i have to mention adam the last two games he has worked his ass off and as a striker he wants to get on the sheet but its just not happening but thankfully he's still making the right choices if he's not in a good possition for a shot he will lay it off to his strike partner or anyone in a better possition
what i told adam stands for the rest of you too DONT EVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO THIS TEAM

this was always going to be a tough game after last week it diddnt help having kev missing and scott w full of a cold then to get the elbow seemed to take him off his game for a while
it diddnt suprise me when they came out and attacked us but i was supprised to see them go 3 5 2 again .... because we have never realy practiced or talked about 3 4 3 i chose not to do it til half time by which time they had a second ..... at 1 0 im sure we could have turned it arround and when we got the first one i thought ok maybe there's a chance but there is always the risk of getting burned and we did the pen made it interesting and im gald adam had the balls to step up and take it its just a shame that everything we did in that game is now going to be forgotten due to the long lay off from games and training
the 3 4 3 is a desperate measure and has to be p[layed as such or its a waste of time i thought we did it well in spells but then tried to play decent soccer at other times this is all about ram the ball down their throat and let them cough it up dont play it through the middle just keep bombing it forward ..... this is not the soccer we play and its not what we want to be known for .... but we have to have several ways of winning and this game was all about 3 points not playing well

apart from a nervous first 10 mins we either matched or bettered once again one of the better teams in our league which once again shows how close the top and bottom teams are
te went to great length to tell anyone who would listen that they had starters missing ....yeah well i diddnt see SCOTT W and A.J. did you
i felt that outside of the first 10 / 15 mins the game could have gone either way until about 75 / 80 in when it was all us
this is the second game in a row that kev todd has played 4 v 5 in the middle and it diddnt have to much affect on the game until they took a mid and pushed him forward then we had so much posession in the mids it was unreal pitty we could'nt capitalised and took the 3 points never mind
next up is Abby in the pak our first crack at a prem team its gonna be tough but hey its cup soccer anything can happen ..... anything

Abbey 4 0 Cobras
this result was about a true measure of the difference between us and a premier team it diddnt seem to matter how hard we worked they always had more space an time on the ball and got the result they needed

Peace Arch 2 0 Cobras
sometimes in soccer you cant explain what just happened and this season has been full of them
this game was no exeption. when you have the majority of possetion and do nothing then you deseve to get beat but when you greate chance after chance you deserve one of them to go in
its a long time since ive seen anyone as upset as A.J. after that game he knows he had the chances to win us the game andhe felt like****afterwards but such is his passion not only for the game but towards his team mates it speaks volumes of the player he is going to go on to be

T.W.U. 1 0 Cobras
this is greg's report

Hi Stu

I suspect you already looked at the FVSL web site and saw we drew 1-1 with TWU. We were playing with a pretty depleted squad - no Sayer, Kevin, Chad, Scott W, Gary, Jordy. I brought up Curtis and Brad. So we had 3 spares. AJ played 90 minutes in Friday night for the Knights so he was a little bagged for our game.

The first half ended with no score. Alex made a couple of big saves to keep them off the board. We had a few opportunities but no shots on goal. In the second half, AJ was about to break thru the last defend on the way to gaol and was fouled - a straight red card to the TWU player. Being a man up always makes me nervous. A poor clearance in our end resulted in the ball being sliced out to the top of the eighteen and they scored.

Late in the game we had a free kick from about 30 yards out. I told Taj to take it. It was a beautiful strike - just over the top of the wall and ended up just under the cross bar. The keeper had no chance.

They almost scored with a few minutes left but Alex came up solid and Brad, who went in to relieved Darren at sweeper did an excellent job of clearing the ball out of danger.

Darren did a great job filling in at the sweeper position, Brad did well relieving Kyle, who was hurt early, and then filling in late for Darren. Curtis did well in mid. AJ was bagged in the first half but found his energy in the second half. We still need to learn to get the ball down the wing and be quicker getting the crosses in.

All-in-all, it is nice to get a point


i gues you could scroll to almost any game and get the same report .... well this week was no change 1st 10 mins we showed them to much respect after that it was very even for 20 mins then we took over second half dito oh and we lost 1 0
best chance fell to A.J. he did everything right got up well and headed it down im still not sure how the keeper kept it out but he did its been that sort of season .... next year A.J. cpuld be on 15 goals and not do to much different
it was nice to see a good crowed out to watch the game i had lotts of complements about you guys and you deserve it well done Kyles injury was nothing more than a bruise so thats good news i hope we get the game next week as i for one would like to earn our place in div 1 next year not just dodge a bullit
ok so the last game came and went and we will be playing div 1 next year
as i suspected we dominated the game from start to finish but after six atempts at goal it was still nil nil and then they had a lucky break and shot on goal but thats how the season has gone all year
when you look at our strikers they cant work any harder and when they hit the target the keeper just seems to match anything they do so where do we go from here
A.J. stole in at the back post for the first and scott w scored a great goal fot the second cutting in from the right which again as the season has gone it shows that we just need to keep putting the ball into the danger zone and pick up the scraps to get us started to many times we have not made the right choice at the crucial time
we talked at the start of the season how we need to get behind the defence and drive the ball into the box and we have not done this with any concistancy this season and it almost cost us our entire season
we have to build on what we have learned and go forward next year ..... have a great summer

SEASON 2007 / 2008 wrap up



GOAL'S  07/08                     
A.J. 6 + 2 prem                      
KEV 1 + 2 prem


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