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Rally Cap Baseball Program

General Information

The Rally Cap ("R-Cap") program, is a Baseball initiation program, that was first implemented by St. Stephen beginning in Spring 2011.  The program is based on the principles of Long Term Athlete Development ("LTAD") and the concepts of The Rally Cap Program as developed by Baseball Canada (All Rights Reserved).   


The goals of the R-Cap program are to:

1) Have Fun

2) Teach Fundamental Skills

3) Teach Competitiveness & Good Sportsmanship

4) Increase Self-Confidence and Baseball Awareness


In March of 2012 St. Stephen will host its 2nd Annual Spring Jamboree. This FUN event will be used as a baseline for individual placement into the Flames Developmental Baseball program. 

During the pre-season, March-April, the players will have an opportunity to participate in the Flames Baseball Boot-Camp.  This eight to ten week program will include organized practice sessions which are planned by the Coach in accordance with Baseball Canada's Official Rally Cap Program Guide.  These sessions will include skills and drills essential to developing the 5 FUNdamental Skills of Baseball.  The 5 FUNdamental Skills include: 

Throwing, Receiving, Hitting, Base Running & General Knowledge

Upon completion of the Baseball Boot-Camp, beginning in early May, the players and their respective teams will begin Metro Omaha Saints League (MOSL) and "House" League play.  These structured practice and game sessions will occur through May and into June and will conclude prior to the 4th of July. 

At the conclusion of the season the players will have an opportunity to participate in an Official Rally Cap Day where the players will have an opportunity to perform the 5 FUNdamental Skills of Baseball and earn a Cap designation based on their performance of the specific tasks.

You can find more information on Baseball Canadas Rally Cap Program at:





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