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Frequently Asked Questions

Is T-ball a mixed league and is there an age limit?

T-ball is a mixed "House" league designed for boys and girls ages 3-4 or in PreK to Kindergarten.  

My son/daughter is 5 yrs. old and has never played T-ball or Baseball.  What options do we have? 

The suggested age for our programs, T-ball (Ages 3 to 4 or PreK to Kindergarten) and R-Cap Baseball and Softball (Ages 5 to 8 or 1st to 2nd Grade) are merely guidelines.  You may be older or younger and participate in any one of these programs.  This decision is generally at the discretion of the parent or guardian while also taking into consideration the safety and well-being of the player. 

My son/daughter is 4 years old.  Can he/she play R-Cap Baseball or Softball?

Yes.  It is generally at the discretion of the Parent or Guardian whether their son/daughter "moves-up".  This decision is generally based upon their development and prior playing experience while also taking into consideration the safety and well-being of the player.

When does the T-ball season begin and end?

The season begins in mid to late May and ends prior to the 4th of July. 

When are T-ball games and practices? 

Games are played on Sundays from 1PM to 3PM.  Practice time will occur concurrently with scheduled games. 

Is a uniform included with the T-ball registration fee?

With every registration the player receives a cap and T shirt to be worn during games.  Baseball pants, socks or stirrups, and cleats are optional.

Can I make a special request for my child to play with a particular coach or player?

When you are registering there is a special needs and requests section.  We try our best to accomodate requests where we can.  

What is R-Cap Baseball and Softball?

R-Cap is a developmental baseball program designed for boys ages 5 to 8 years old.  R-CapS is a developmental softball program designed for girls ages 5 to 8 years old.  These programs are designed for the boy or girl that is ready to move on from T-ball and enter a developmental program.   

How long is the season?

The season begins with a Spring Jamboree in March and ends prior to the 4th of July.  Practices begin in March and generally occur once per week to the end of April.  Games begin around May 1st and are played as part of our "House" League and the Metro Omaha Saints League. Practices generally occur once per week during the season and will take place on a weekday evening.  MOSL League games occur on Saturday mornings or afternoons.   

Is R-Cap a Coach Pitch or Kid Pitch League?

In R-Cap the boys and girls have the option to hit off a machine, Coach or Tee.

Is a uniform included with the R-Cap registration fee?

With every registration the player receives a custom cap and baseball jersey to be worn during games. Baseball pants (white), socks or stirrups (blue), and cleats are required and provided by the player.

My son is 8 or younger and would like to play Kid Pitch.  Are there any options for him? 

Yes.  All players in our R-Cap program participate in a basic skill assessment and fundamental evaluation prior to the regular season.  The evaluation process continues during weekly practice sessions and during MOSL league games.  Player participation in Kid Pitch will be at the selection of the coaches and discretion of the parents.

What Baseball Options do you have for older kids? 

St. Stephen Baseball participates in the Metro Omaha Saints League.  M.O.S.L "C" League participation is available for 3rd and 4th graders beginning in the Spring of 2012.  Please contact the Baseball Director for further information.   


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