Jul 19/18
6:10 pm

Eyebrow Recreational Hockey League






Penalties-2 minutes for tripping
-2 minutes for hooking
-2 minutes for holding
-2 minutes for roughing
-2 minutes for cross checking
-2 minutes for slashing/spearing
-2 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct
-2 minutes for diving
-2 minutes for carrying and transporting the puck
-2 minutes for hitting a player with a raised puck
-5 minutes for fighting

Rules-keep the puck down as much as possible
- time stops when whistle blows
- 2 twenty minute periods with a 5-10 minute brake
- overtimes will result in a 5 minute period and then a shootout ( 5 shooters each [5 shots, 3 shots, sudden death])
- playoff overtimes will result in 20 minute periods with brakes until a goal is scored
- each team is allowed a 2 minute timeout
- teams may pull their goalies for a 6 player team
- pucks will be dropped at center ice at the beginning of periods and after goals but from where they went out of play if they went out of the rink.
- Teams may trade as long as you are trading with the permission of the players and the Captains of the teams. Also you must trade 1 for 1, 2 for 2, 3 for 3, etc.
- Extra sign ups must sign up 7 days in advance or play a min. of 2 games and cannot sign up just for playoffs.


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