Jun 2/20
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All players will be on the field at all times when their team is pitching.

Players will rotate between positions at the start of each inning or two.

Five innings shall constitute a game.

In the event of rain a minimum of three complete innings shall be accepted as a game, even if the away team is leading by greater than 5 runs.

No inning shall start after 8:15 pm on weeknights.

Two hour time limit on weekends.

The Infield Fly Rule is waived.

Five (5) runs maximum per inning.

On an overthrow out of bounds at 1st or 3rd, the ball is dead and the batter may not advance past first base. All other runners complete their advance to the base they were running to.

Any ball thrown past 1st or 3rd that is within the playing field is still in play and base runners may advance at their own risk.

The batter is out on the 3rd strike whether the ball is caught by the catcher or not, and the ball remains alive.

Games are not to be canceled due to one team not having enough players. Should you get to the park, and one team cannot field a team within 15 minutes of game time, borrow players from the other team and play a game even if there are only enough players for two infields. If teams are exremely short of players then parents may play in the outfield.

Players are to pitch the first three batters of each inning with the offensive (at bat) team’s coach pitching thereafter.

Walks issued only when players pitching (not coaches).

No base stealing.

A base runner may leave the base after the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand but may not advance unless the ball is hit.

No bunting.

Every player must have at least one inning in the infield and one inning in the outfield.Coaches should endeavor to equalize infield and outfield positions among all players.

There will be no duplication of pitchers until the fourth inning.

All pitchers should be given an opportunity to pitch at least one inning. 

Any one pitcher can pitch a maximum of two innings in any one game. For pitchers, one pitch in an inning constitutes one inning pitched.


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