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Burlington Township Street
Hockey Program



Game Rules



All games will be governed by the general rules of the Nation Dekhockey Association and USA Hockey.  With modifications to follow:



  1. All League games will consist of three (3) periods of play that will be 20 minutes each except the Minor Division which are fifteen (15) minutes.  All night games held during the week (Monday-Friday), for all Divisions, will consist of three (3) fifteen (15) minutes periods.



  1. Time will be stopped only for goals, penalties, injuries, or a referee time out.


  2. In the third (3rd) period the clock will stop for each whistle during the last 5 minutes of play only if a team is ahead by three (3) or less goals.


  3. Regular Season Play - In case of a tie game after three (3) periods the game stands.
    Play-Offs and Championship Games – If the game is tied after three (3) periods of play a ten (10) minute sudden death (game shall terminate upon a goal scored by ONE team) period will be played.  If game is still tied after ten (10) minute sudden death period, the following shall take place:
                  A 5 player shootout will take place. Criteria for shootout – First round each team will choose five players to participate in shootout.  The team whose five (5) players score the most goals is declared the winner. 
                  If the game is still tied after first round in shootout a second round shall be played.  In second round shootout each team will pick five (5) different players to participate in shootout.  Second round shootout is sudden death.


  1. To make the game official there must be:
    1.  At least one referee
    2.  There must be mutual agreement between coaches to play the game with
          available players.
    3.   If there is not enough players at the start of the game, the referee will wait no more than
          5 minutes after the start time for players to arrive.  The game may be rescheduled with
          mutual consent of coaches.


  1. After the 5 minute grace period and there are not enough players to play the


       game the referee will allow a pick-up game between the 2 teams.  The pick-


       up game will not exceed the time given for an official game.


  1. Before start of game the team captain and alternate must be identified to the referee.         




  1.  Fighting:



   1.  Automatic suspension from the Street Hockey program for one calendar year pending a review by the
        Recreation Commission with the possibility of permanent expulsion..



  1. Safety:




   1.   All players must wear full protective gear at all times when on the court.


   2.   The center gates closest to the penalty boxes will be used to enter the court


          at all times (Minors and junior div.)




  1. Infractions and Penalties




1.    Body checking is not allowed (2 min. minor)


2.    Ball out of bounds will result in a face off


3.    Throwing or closing your hand on the ball (2 min. minor).


4.    Off-sides:  Minor div. – blue line / Junior div - blue line / Senior div- blue line


5.    Face offs - Opposing centers will square off with feet inside the “L”


6.    Icing:  Junior and Minor division - behind defensive zones face off dots.  No touch is required by any
      player.  Once ball crosses opposing teams’ goal line, referee will blow whistle.



7.    Crease Violation -  Any player in the crease without the ball will


      result in a stoppage and the face off will be outside the defensive




Ø  If a goal is scored with an offensive player in the crease it will be NO GOAL
unless the player entered the crease after the ball.


8.    Goalies cannot cover the ball behind the goal line unless they have a part of their body in the crease
      (2 min. minor).


9.    Hand pass is allowed in the defensive zone only.


10.   Goalies cannot shoot the ball out of the rink without the ball first making contact with some part of the
       court first or the ball touching a player.


11.  High Stick: Junior division- cross-bar offensive player or team cannot touch ball.  Senior and Adult


 12.  Players may not play with or attempt to play with a broken stick 2 min.


 13. Goalies may play with a broken stick.


 14. No player except the goalie can cover the ball in the crease. 2 min.


 15.  Goalie may not advance the ball with either hand- 2 min. minor


 16.  Goalie may not cover the ball or slide beyond the face off dots (2 min. minor).


17.  Language - cursing and foul language is not prohibited & is covered under the Twp. Policy.


18.   Hooking with stick (2 min. minor).


19.   Spearing - major penalty(5 min /20 min, 3 min/15 min). If done with intent to injure player automatically
       is ejected from game and incident will be a mandatory review by Recreation Commission.


20.  Sticks Blades must conform to dekhockey measurements.


21. Bench minors may be assessed for un-sportsman like conduct.


22. A player attempting to block a ball by sliding may not touch another player before contact with ball
2 min. minor).


23. A ball directed into the net by a foot will be considered no goal unless the ball deflects off another


24.  Any player receiving three contact penalties (boarding, checking, cross checking, slashing etc) or
      un-sportsman like penalties during a game will be ejected from that game. After two game ejections the
      player will sit out one game in addition to the others.  After three game ejections the player status will
      automatically reviewed by the Recreation Commission for probable expulsion.


25.  Throwing of the stick – Goalie intentionally throws a stick (2 min. penalty).  Player throws a stick (2 min.
).  If a player (has possession of the ball) is on a break away and a defensive player throws
       his/her stick and the stick makes contact with the ball automatic goal is awarded to offensive team.  If a
       player throws his stick and does not make contact with the ball then a penalty shot will be awarded.


26.  Slashing - A player makes contact on another player from the shaft of stick to players hands 2 min.


27.  Parent/Fan Code of Conduct- If a parent or fan acts unruly they will be warned by a referee.  If after
      warning parent/fan continues to acts unruly, then they will be asked to leave the premises.


28.  Intent to injure:  Any player who intentionally attempts to injury another player.


·         5 major (Player from same team that is on the court at the time has to serve the penalty.


·         Player is automatically ejection from game and must leave the premises.


·         Under review by commission        


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