May 21/22
2:21 pm

Border Baseball League





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Gameplay Guidelines
2019 Season


  • All games will be 7 innings in length and are to be played to a finish
    • No mercy rule will be used
    • Weather / Daylight can end a game prior to 7 innings being completed
    • Games are deemed official after 4 complete innings
  • Extra innings will be used to break a tie
    • In the event extra innings are necessary the last out from the previous inning will be placed at 2nd base at the start of each subsequent inning
  • 4 pitches must be delivered for an intentional walk
  • A courtesy runner may be used for the catcher only with 2 outs in an inning
    • The courtesy runner must be the 2nd out of the current inning
  • A DH may be assigned for any position player
  • Ties in the regular season standings will be broken in the following manner:
    • Head to head record between teams tied in the standings
    • Greatest run differential in all league games played
    • Coin Toss
  • Ties during playoffs will be let stand
    • Series will then resort to a 6 point series (1 point for a tie, 2 for a win)
  • To be eligible for playoffs, roster players must play a minimum of 4 regular season games
  • All Baseball Manitoba rules not addressed above will apply


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