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Atlanta Bandits





Bandits Get Swept in Second Round 14-2, 10-2
8/19/09, 8/22/09- It just wasn't the Bandits turn to shine in the second round as they fell victim to the Giants. The Giants team is stacked to a T, and the Bandits wish them luck against the Spikes in the Championship series. 

Bandits Move to Second Round for First Time in Franchise History
8/15/09- After an amazing record breaking season including most wins in a season and a winning record, the Bandits finally make it to the second round for the first time in franchise history. Its been a battle since the beginning. Back in 2006 when the franchise started as the Yankees it was the core of Jonathan Walls, Chris Santafemia, and Andy Austin. The Core later grew next year in 2007 as the Yankees acquired Beau Schmookler and Shane Mahaffey. Though with this core the franchise saw losing seasons. In 2008, after changing names to the Bulldogs and hoping for a new light, the franchise aquired stud pitcher Seth Henderson, rocket arm center fielder Chris Glass, and David Jett, a wine taster for the Napa Valley wineries. After starting what seemed a promising year, the Bulldogs still had missing links and finished the season 5-7. Now in 2009, and changing the name to the Bandits, the franchise found everything they were looking for. With the core in tact, and bolstering a roster full of talent, the Bandits did everything they set out to do. Going 9-3 in the regular season and scoring the most runs in the whole league (160), the Bandits looked forward for their first time in the playoffs being the higher seed. The Bandits were the number 4 seed taking on the 7-6 Crawdads under the lights at Campbell. The game started off on a offensive bang for the Bandits scoring five runs in the 1st inning with the help of a three run bomb by new comer Devin Vitiello. After that it was pretty much game over after Shane Mahaffey in the 5th hit a grand slam to put the game out of reach with the final score being 18-7, Bandits victorious. Going to the second round is not going to be easy as the Bandits look to take on the first seed Giants. The Giants are a fundamentally sound team and errors have to be eliminated in order for the Bandits to have a shot. The Giants have everything, pitching, hitting and team chemistry. This should be a promising series and with out a doubt it will go the distance. 

Bandits Look Stronger than ever in 11-2 Win over the Cardinals
8/8/09- Ending the regular season the way the Bandits have couldn't have went any better. After winning six games in a row, the Bandits look forward to the playoffs. While scoring over 13 runs a game and giving up only 5, the Bandits should be a dominating force. While securing the 4th seed the Bandits look to play the 7-6 Crawdads.The last time these two teams met the Bandits won 14-5. 

Bandits 24, Stars 0
8/1/09 - Nuff said...

Bandits Dominate Rival Jaxx, Cruise to 18-3 Win
7/25/09- It was no secret that the Bandits had this game in the back of their mind since last seasons loss to the Jaxx. Everybody was clicking and hitting on all cylinders. After jumping out to a 7-0 lead, the Bandits never looked back. Led by strong pitching from Cordell, Henderson, and Mahaffey, the Bandits are on a 4 game winning streak. Next up for the Bandits are the Cardinals Thursday night @ Campbell. 

Cubs Hibernate in Bandits Shutout, 7-0
7/18/09- For the first time in the Bandits franchise (formerly the Bulldogs and Yankees), Bandits achieved their first season with more than 5 wins, and also reached there longest winning streak at 3. Bandits seem to be hitting on all cylinders especially pitching. The dirty duo of Seth Henderson and Bill Cordell have really clicked and its shown in the past 3 wins. The Bandits shut out the Cubs, who, like the Bandits were right together in overall standings. Next for the Bandits are the Jaxx. The Jaxx should be considered the Bandits biggest rivals, so you better believe they're going to be ready. 

Bandits Rally in the 8th and pull off win, 6-3
7/11/09- Despite having a 1-6 record, the Dominican showed up to play baseball. The Bandits who are used to putting up big numbers offensively, were held to only 6 runs. The Bandits did not get those 6 runs easy, as they were down 2-3 going into the bottom of the 8th. When the bottom of the 8th rolled around the Bandits came together and got loud, really loud. Rallying four runs in the bottom of the 8th, the Bandits shut down the DR in the top of the 9th to win the game. Great pitching from Seth Henderson who went 6 1/3 and tallied 12 K's, and Bill Cordell who came in and did not give up another run, helped to tame the DR. Next up for the Bandits are the Cubs, this game is very important especially since the Cubs are neck and neck with the Bandits in the playoff standings. This game could determine playoff seeding for both teams.

Andy "Matrix" Austin strikes gold in Bandits Blowout, 20-2
6/27/09- After losing their third game last week, the Bandits retaliate with a blow-out victory over the 2007 MABL champs. The Bandits scored early and fast by going up 6-0 in the first. Starting pitcher Bill Cordell recorded another strong start going 5 innings and allowing only 1 run. The bats were hot as Beau Schmookler, Chris Santafemia, and Chris Glass all homered to put the game completely out of reach. Who could also forget as the game MVP Andy Austin picked up his first hit of the season to also help the Bandits out. Its been a long time coming for the crafty veteran who goes by the nickname "Matrix" because of his elusive skills. The Bandits have a week off and will come back on the 11th to face the DR. Also to expand on the great offense by the Bandits, they have averaged over 13 runs a game...not to shabby.

Faulty Defense Causes Bandits Their 3rd Loss, 10-11
6/20/09  Bandits jumped out ahead 2-0 in the first inning, but loss the lead due to untimely errors and lack of hitting. Down 2-8 going into the fifth Bandits rally and get four runs to make it 6-8. Next inning Amir Kharleed bombs a solo shot to put the Bandits within one. In the 7th Bandits score 1 to tie it but are unable to gain the lead. Bottom of the 8th and down 8-11 Bandits manage to squeeze by the time limit to get one more shot to win the game. Managing to only score 2 in the top of the ninth, the Bandits lose a close one to the defending champion Spikes. Overall when the Bandits are hitting on all cylinders they are one of the toughest teams to beat. Next week the Bandits take on the Braves at Campbell Middle. 

Bandits Jar The Pickles, 11-4 
6/13/09 - The Bandits put another W on their record as they move to 3-2 overall. The final score was 11-4, Bandits. Bill Cordell got the start and had hopes of making up for a shaky debut. Bill pitched 5 innings of shutout ball, and did not allow a runner to make it passed second. Henderson also came in a threw 3 innings of shutout ball and tallied 5 K's bringing his total up to 30 strikeouts in 18 and 1/3 innings pitched. Bandits also played really well in the field, which is something they haven't show much of this season. The Bandits look to keep their winning streak alive as they face the 2008 MABL champion Spikes next Saturday. 
Bandits Steal Much Needed Victory, 14-5

6/6/09 - Bandits roll over the Crawdads in a lopsided victory 14-5. It took the Bandits a couple of innings to get the bats going but they got them going in enough time to shut it down. Seth Henderson had another great pitching performance as he struck out 12 of the 16 outs, and giving up only 1 run in 5 and 1/3 innings. Bandits offense was really hot as everyone contributed but the bats of Derek Langley, Beau Schmookler, and Chris Glass really help to put the Bandits on top. Next up for the Bandits are the Pickles. The Pickles are a great group of guys the Bandits always look forward to playing. 


Bandits Lose Second Straight In Cordell's Debut, 7 - 11

5/30/09 - The Bandits battled hard and fought back from a nine run deficit but come up short to the Indians 7-11. Great pitching from Seth Henderson held the Indians in check, but the offense struggled to get the lead. Bandits take on the Crawdads next Saturday, Crawdads have never beat the Bandits


1st Inning Problems Continue, Bandits Blow It, 12-17 

5/16/09 - Bandits blow late inning lead and fall to the Giants 12-17. Next up for the Bandits are the Indians. As a team the Bandits have never beat the Indians. Hopefully it will be a different story this Saturday. 


Stars Struck By Bandits, 20-4

5/9/09 - Atlanta Bandits kicked off the 2009 season with a bang, defeating the Stars 20-4. Santafemia started and pitched an impressive 7 innings with 11 K's. Next up for the Bandits is the Giants, who are an extremely good team and cannot be taken lightly.


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