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Bergen County


Summer 2013

Game Situations

1.  Each game will consist of two 20 minute halves.
2.  All time will be "running" with the following exceptions: timeouts, free throws, the last two minutes of each half and when the ball leaves the gym.
3.  Each overtime, as necessary, will be three minutes long, the last 2 will be stop time. Overtime in the playoffs will be five minutes, last 2 stop time.
4.  A player will foul out on their 5th foul.
5.  A team must have a minimum of 4 eligible players to start and continue the game.
6.  If a team is down to 5 eligible players and the 5th player fouls out, it may elect to keep that player playing provided it is assessed a technical foul along with the 5th foul (for staying in the game) and each additional foul committed by that player.
7.  All games will start no later than 10 minutes after the scheduled time.  Teams that fail to have an eligible team by then will be assessed a forfeit
8.  The score for a forfeited game will be 100-50.
9. Free Throws: You may now enter the lane on the release of the ball from the shooter's hand

10. NON-Roster players: Teams may insert a non roster player during the regular season with the consent of the commissioners and the opposing team's captain.  Any team that uses a non-roster player(s) will be assessed a penalty of 2 free throws per non-roster player prior to the start of the game.  Non-roster players may only be used to field a team of 5 and no "ringers" will be permitted (use your own judgement).  NO teams may use a non-roster player during the playoffs.


1.  The top 2 seeds will receive a 1st round bye. The #3 vs. #6 & 4 vs. #5 will play a 1st round one game playoff. There will be re-seeding after the 1st round.  The semi-finals and finals will be best 2 out of 3.  The #7 seed will not make the playoffs.
2.  The tiebreakers, regardless of the number of teams, will be as follows;
       A.  Head to head competition. (If more than two teams are tied, a sweep will be needed to break this tie)
       B.  Least points against
       C.  Better Point differential
       D.  Highest points scored
3.  All players must play a minimum of three regular season games in order to be eligible for the playoffs. 

4.  Non-roster players are NOT permitted during the playoffs.

Individual Players:

1.  Players must be 21 or older, if not playing in a parents team.
2.  All players must fill out an injury waiver form to be eligible.
3.  All players are responsible for picking up their own garbage around the team benches.

Team Rosters:

1. The team fee for the season must be paid in full prior to 1st game of the season.
2. The team captain responsible for full team payment.
3.  7-10 guys allowed per roster, NO roster changes allowed after season begins without consent of league commissioners.
For League Fees please contact Eric Wein at

Player Discipline:

1.  Any player who is assessed a technical foul and/or ejection for fighting can automatically be assessed an additional games suspension for the first offense.  The second offense can result in an ejection from the league.
2.  Any player who verbally or otherwise abuses another player, referee or anyone else associated with the league will be suspended for the next game on the first offense and ejected from the league on the second offense.

All rule interpretations of the league commissioners will be considered final.



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