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SPRING 2007 Sandvipers Recap
The Spring season was one of adversity for the Sandvipers. Both Sandviper squads had to deal with the awesome reality that 4 major team contributors were not going to be playing during the Spring with the Sandvipers. Team leaders SS/3B Shawn Vance & OF/P Adam Sowell were heading to Sweden, Jeff Cochran 2B/P was off to Germany and 1B/3B Rick Mendoza left for Mexico. All players playing professionally for the countries they were representing. The 18+ also had to deal with the loss of two starting outfielders Ty Adams and Matt Landahl. While 28 would lose pitchers Ron Arostegui to injury and Darryl Natale to free agency. Both teams continued to stride along with the 18 having 5 players hit .400 or better. Led by Chris Genungs .550 average, and team leading 3 homeruns and 24 RBIs. The 28 team was led by the arm of Ken Salazar who went 5 - 2 with a 2.64 ERA along with great offensive seasons by Mario Ramierez's with team leading .533 batting average and Brian Wyche hitting .432. The 18s final record was 4 - 9 with most of the losses coming due to the Sandvipers lack of depth on the mound. While 28 was an overall 8 - 4 an was seeded into the upper 28 playoffs. While the regular season was less then stellar for the Sandvipers 18, the playoffs would prove to be a bit different. The Sandvipers with a first weekend of wins over the Cougars and Budweiser followed by their Semi final win over Budweiser seeded them a top the Vegas Valley 18 playoffs facing off with the Dirtbags in the Championship game. The Dirtbags showed how they can hit the long ball launching 6 homeruns in the game led by Gators 2 homerun effort and knocked off the Sandvipers with a final score of 18 - 14. The Sandvipers came back from a 6 run deficit and had a lead going into the top of the 9th but couldn't keep the Dirtbags down. The Sandvipers 28 playoff games were not as successful as the 18. The 28 team went 2 and out losing games to the Astros and the Dodgers despite scoring 13 runs in the 2 games. Poor defense and lack of depth on the mound were the 28's downfall. Both teams look to improve on their Spring 2007 Campaigns as both have bolstered their pitching staffs, and have added some much needed position depth. Good luck to the Sandvipers Fall 2007 teams.

The Sandvipers are the Vegas Valley League Champions!
2006 Vegas Valley Fall League Champions!
Fall 2006 Sandvipers Recap
MABL 18+ Aluminum Sandvipers (Fall 2006) : In their sophomore season the Sandvipers 18 team showed a lot of success. They finished 2nd in the Labor Day Tournament dropping a 1 run heart breaker to the Portland Royals in the championship. The Sandvipers did well in Arizona finishing 2nd in the World Series with a 7-1 overall record. The Sandvipers showed consistency in the Vegas Valley league ending the season with a 15-1 overall record and winning the championship, claiming the Vegas Valley title.
MABL 28+ Wood Sandvipers (Fall 2006) : The 28+ Sandvipers took 2nd place in the league and are now looking to winning a championship for 2007.
2006 World Series Runner Ups
World Series Stats CLICK HERE

2006 World Series - Phoenix, AZ. Sandvipers 7-0 in the Tournament before losing to the Seattle Mariners in the Championship, 4-2. The team earned two separate awards and all players recieved world series watches.
2006 Kickoff Classic Champions!
2006 Kickoff Classic Champions!
A Trio of First Seasons are Over
MABL 18+ Aluminum Sandvipers (Spring 2006) : We recruited, we practiced, we prepared, but our new team expectations were too high as we barely ended up tied for 5th place in the Vegas Valley MABL/NABA league. On the flipside, the 18+ aluminum team did get hot during tournament time managing to go 5-0 while taking home the 2006 Kickoff Classic Tournament Trophy.
MABL 28+ Wood Sandvipers (Spring 2006) : This team was more last minute, as we decided to put it together a month before the season started. As it turned out, the main core of our 18+ team were eligible for the older league and with a little recruiting and some players picked up at the league draft, we were able to put a team into the league. With no expectations, the 28+ team excelled going 12-1 and winning the 16 team division. However, a weak showing in the playoffs eliminated the hopes of a first year league championship. 2006 Pacific Southwest League : 9 out-of-state college players were hosted this summer to play in this 2-month league of 40 games. The competition was strong, and the Sandvipers inexperience showed in the league as they posted an 11-26 overall record finishing 5th in the conference.


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