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Southwest VA Jrs





                                                         Frequently asked questions and club policies:

1: How long is the season? Our season will likely run from mid November through early April. We will take a break around Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.
2: How often will I practice? Plan on training on Sunday afternoons for 3 hours to 3 1/2 hours.
3: Where will I train?
We currently have practices sites in Radford. Each season, we usually lose our practice sites on 2 dates, when the sites host AAU basketball events. We will make every effort to either play on those dates or obtain alternate practice sites. However beginning with the 2011-12 season SWVJ reserves the right to NOT hold practice on those 2 dates if safe and secure practice sites cannot be found at reasonable cost. As stated, we will try to compete on those dates, but will NOT refund dues for those dates if we cannot practice.(NEW POLICY 4-21-2011)
4: How often will we play in tournaments?
Our goal is to compete 1 to 2 times per month starting in January or February. Starting in 2012, we will NOT play in one day events on Saturday's after the end of February (if possible), to try to avoid conflicts with high school spring sports. We plan to play in the following 2 day events: The Virginia Tech Maroon and Orange Tournament and the Shamrock Festival in Roanoke.  For one day events, we strive to play as close to home as possible.
5: How much will I get to play?
All athletes in the 16s level and below will play an equal amount in tournaments within the confines of position. (For example if you are the only setter, plan to play all the time, but if you are one of 3 middles, plan to play 2/3 of the time). Playing time in the 17s and 18s age groups will be up to the head coach, although everyone will get to play.
6: Who will train me?
Once the club membership is set you will have a head coach who will be mostly in charge of your training, although the Lead Coach may be at some of your practices and will oversee all training methods and techniques. Most teams will also have an assistant coach and our club will have a floating coach to fill in where needed. We cannot promise who your coach will be until we have teams set and practice begins.
7: Where will we play?
Each year we plan to play mostly in the regional area, i.e. Virginia and North Carolina. We have not yet completed in a qualifier and will not travel to large events like the Las Vegas invitational or Volleyball Festival in Phoenix.
8: Am I insured?
Yes you are insured through USA volleyball through your club dues.
9: Will I get yelled at?
NO! You will be taught and encouraged, not yelled at. The strength of our program is in teaching the game. Our staff is here to help you grow as a player, not to berate you or yell at you. Staff will often yell WITH you however!
10: What are the uniforms like?
Our team colors are red, white and blue. Our uniforms this season will consist of cap sleeve jerseys and spandex shorts. They are NOT hugely expensive however. Parents are NOT required to buy any additional gear, like bags, sweats, etc. It is the athlete inside the uniform that makes the difference and having low cost uniforms saves your parents money.
11: What is expected of my parents?
Your parents are the engines that will make this club work. They will get you to practices and tournaments and foot the bill for your volleyball training. Parents are always welcome at practices and events. We will never have closed gyms. In addition, no male staff member will ever train a young female alone. If you happen to be the only athlete to show up for a session you will be sent home unless your parent stays for the practice time.
12: How much will this cost my parents?
Complete Fee Structure is listed under the "FEES" button. Parents will also be responsible for player travel. In months where training sessions are not held due to seasonal breaks, dues are set to take that into consideration. I believe it is wrong to charge for services not rendered.
13: Are there tryouts and can I join anytime?
We will NOT be holding tryouts except at age group levels where we host multiple teams. Tryouts are then for team assignment, not club membership. We will make every effort to keep any athlete who wants to learn volleyball in our program. You may join anytime, but we advise you to start at the beginning of the year’s training cycle, which should begin in mid November. However if all teams are full and we cannot get quality coaches to take the additional athletes we will not be able to accept new members. We plan to have 9 to 12 players on each team within the club which will allow for all players to get plenty of playing time and individual attention. Hopefully no team will be larger than 10 players. All our teams usually fill.
14. Where does the money my parents pay go?
Club fees go toward gym rental, coach’s stipends, equipment, director/adminstrative fees, uniforms, entry fees, USAV fees and background checks for coaches, and coaches travel. We are registered with the state as an LLC.

15: I want to be part of this! How do I sign up?
If you are truly interested in SWVJ please send an e-mail to this address. You can also ask any other questions you may have. I hope to see you in the gym.

John Pierce- Director
410 5th Street
Radford, VA 24141

Please include in your response: Name, address, phone number, e-mail address, current age, birth date, school attended, position played, parent’s name/s.



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