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2012 SCHED





2012 Season

Record - 38 wins / 19 losses / 1 tie
2012 Regular Season SPBL 2nd Place
2012 Provincial Bronze Medalists
2012 Western Canadian Silver Medalists

2012 Schedule/Results


Date Time Location Visitor Home
Result (Record)
Mon Apr 30/12 6:00pm Currie Field WOLFPACK 8 Regina Athletics 6 
W (1 - 0)
Wed May 2/12 6:00pm Currie Field Southeast Twins 6 WOLFPACK 5 
L (1 - 1)
Tue May 8/12 6:00pm Currie Field Regina Athletics 5 WOLFPACK 6 
W (2 - 1)
Fri May 11/12 6:00pm Currie Field Saskatoon Cubs 7 WOLFPACK 0 
L (2 - 2)
Sat May 12/12 1:00pm MJ/Ross Wells WOLFPACK 15 MJ Devons 5 
W (3 - 2)
Tue May 15/12 8:45pm Optomist WOLFPACK 1 Regina Athletics 10 
L (3 - 3)
Wed May 16/12 6:00pm Currie Field WOLFPACK 5 Regina Mets 2 
W (4 - 3)
Thu May 17/12 8:30pm MJ/Ross Wells MJ Devons 2 WOLFPACK 6 
W (5 - 3)
Fri May 18/12 6:00pm MJ/Montgomery WOLFPACK 5 Spruce Grove 5 
T (5 - 3 - 1)
Sat May 19/12 6:00pm MJ/Montgomery WOLFPACK 2 Saskatoon Giants 12 
L (5 - 4 - 1)
Sun May 20/12 3:30pm MJ/Blackwell Okatooks Red 6 WOLFPACK 0 
L (5 - 5 - 1)
Fri May 25/12 5:00pm Sidney,Mt WOLFPACK 10 Sidney, Mt 0 
W (6 - 5 - 1)
Wed May 30/12 7:00pm Estevan WOLFPACK 10 Southeast Twins 1 
W (7 - 5 - 1)
Sun Jun 3/12 9:00am Pacer Park Saskatoon Giants 7 WOLFPACK 3 
L (7 - 6 - 1)
Sun Jun 3/12 12:00pm Pacer Park Saskatoon Giants 6 WOLFPACK 2 
L (7 - 7 - 1)
Wed Jun 6/12 6:00pm Currie Field Regina Mets 0 WOLFPACK 7 
W (8 - 7 - 1)
Sat Jun 9/12 11:00am Optimist Park SC Indians 2 WOLFPACK 3 
W (9 - 7 - 1)
Sat Jun 9/12 2:00pm Optimist Park SC Indians 4 WOLFPACK 3 
L (9 - 8 - 1)
Mon Jun 11/12 6:00pm Lakeridge Park Southeast Twins 4 WOLFPACK 9 
W (10 - 8 - 1)
Thu Jun 14/12 6:00pm Pacer Park WOLFPACK 5 Regina Mets 2 
W (11 - 8 - 1)
Sat Jun 16/12 11:00am Optimist Park Regina Mets 1 WOLFPACK 2 
W (12 - 8 - 1)
Sat Jun 23/12 12:00pm Saskatoon/Cairns WOLFPACK 6 Saskatoon Cubs 4 
W (13 - 8 - 1)
Sat Jun 23/12 3:00pm Saskatoon/Cairns WOLFPACK 4 Saskatoon Cubs 7 
L (13 - 9 - 1)
Mon Jun 25/12 6:00pm Swift Current WOLFPACK 9 SC Indians 6 
W (14 - 9 - 1)
Thu Jun 28/12 4:00pm Miles City WOLFPACK 3 Glendive, MT 2 
W (15 - 9 - 1)
Fri Jun 29/12 4:30pm Miles City Glasgow, MT 2 WOLFPACK 8 
W (16 - 9 - 1)
Fri Jun 29/12 7:00pm Miles City WOLFPACK 11 Miles City Mavericks 1 
W (17 - 9 - 1)
Sat Jun 30/12 11:30am Miles City WOLFPACK 1 Dickinson ND 2 
L (17 - 10 - 1)
Sun Jul 1/12 3:00pm Miles City Dickinson 5 WOLFPACK 0 
L (17 - 11 - 1)
Wed Jul 4/12 6:00pm Optimist Park Saskatoon Cubs 1 WOLFPACK 4 
W (18 - 11 - 1)
Sat Jul 7/12 12:00pm Saskatoon/Leokos WOLFPACK 3 Saskatoon Giants 10 
L (18 - 12 - 1)
Sat Jul 7/12 3:00pm Saskatoon/Leokos WOLFPACK 5 Saskatoon Giants 12 
L (18 - 13 - 1)
Sun Jul 8/12 3:00pm Saskatoon/Cairns WOLFPACK 7 Saskatoon Dbacks 5 
W (19 - 13 - 1)
Sun Jul 8/12 6:00pm Saskatoon/Cairns WOLFPACK 7 Saskatoon Dbacks 5 
W (20 - 13 - 1)
Tue Jul 10/12 6:00pm Pacer Park MJ Devons 5 WOLFPACK 14 
W (21 - 13 - 1)
Thu Jul 12/12 8:00pm Lansing/Casper,Wy Thompson Valley Eagles 1 WOLFPACK 16 
W (22 - 13 - 1)
Fri Jul 13/12 3:00pm Lansing/Casper,Wy WOLFPACK 8 Jackson, Wy Giants 4 
W (23 - 13 - 1)
Sat Jul 14/12 3:00pm X Roads/Casper,Wy WOLFPACK 1 Powell, Wy Pioneers 2 
L (23 - 14 - 1)
Sat Jul 14/12 5:30pm Lansing/Casper,Wy WOLFPACK 12 Casper, Wy Oilers 6 
W (24 - 14 - 1)
Sun Jul 15/12 10:00am Lansing/Casper Torrington, Wy Tigers 7 WOLFPACK 19 
W (25 - 14 - 1)
Wed Jul 18/12 7:00pm Estevan WOLFPACK 7 Southeast Twins 3 
W (26 - 14 - 1)
Thu Jul 19/12 8:30pm MJ/Ross Wells WOLFPACK 6 MJ Devons 2 
W (27 - 14 - 1)
Fri Jul 20/12 7:00pm Swift Current WOLFPACK 2 SC Indians 4 
L (27 - 15 - 1)
Sat Jul 21/12 2:00pm Optimist Park Saskatoon Dbacks 1 WOLFPACK 3 
W (28 - 15 - 1)
Sat Jul 21/12 5:00pm Optimist Park Saskatoon Dbacks 8 WOLFPACK 5 
L (28 - 16 - 1)
Sun Jul 22/12 7:00pm Optimist Park Regina Athletics 4 WOLFPACK 5 
W (29 - 16 - 1)
Mon Jul 23/12 6:00pm Optimist Park MJ Devons 8 WOLFPACK 10 
W (30 - 16 - 1)
Fri Jul 27/12 3:00pm Saskatoon/Cairns Saskatoon Dbacks 4 WOLFPACK 5 
W (31 - 16 - 1)
Sat Jul 28/12 9:30am Saskatoon/Cairns Saskatoon Cubs 0 WOLFPACK 2 
W (32 - 16 - 1)
Sat Jul 28/12 3:00pm Saskatoon/Leokos WOLFPACK 5 MJ Devons 1 
W (33 - 16 - 1)
Sun Jul 29/12 2:45pm Saskatoon/Leokos Saskatoon/Giants 17 WOLFPACK 5 
L (33 - 17 - 1)
Sun Jul 29/12 6:30pm Saskatoon/Leokos WOLFPACK 13 Athletics 2 
W (34 - 17 - 1)
Fri Aug 24/12 8:45am Sherwood Park Vancouver Mounties 5 WOLFPACK 7 
W (35 - 17 - 1)
Fri Aug 24/12 2:00pm Sherwood Park WOLFPACK 4 Sherwood Park Athletics 2 
W (36 - 17 - 1)
Sat Aug 25/12 8:00am Sherwood Park Sherwood Park Dukes 3 WOLFPACK 2 
L (36 - 18 - 1)
Sat Aug 25/12 5:00pm Sherwood Park WOLFPACK 12 Saskatoon Cubs 2 
W (37 - 18 - 1)
Sun Aug 26/12 9:00am Sherwood Park WOLFPACK 7 St. James Athletics 2 
W (38 - 18 - 1)
Sun Aug 26/12 3:00pm Sherwood Park WOLFPACK 1 Sherwood Park Dukes 3 
L (38 - 19 - 1)

June 16th vs Regina Mets: The final meeting between these two arch rivals saw two lanky right handers face off Hodnefield vs Haroldson on what becme a pitchers dual all day. Haroldson only surrendered 2 hits while Hodnefield matche dthat performance by only giving up 3 hits and 1 run to win 2-1 and claim the sweep for th WP. The Line score for Lane was 7 inning CG 3 H,3BB,8 SO and no Earned runs. The offense was sparse on this day with Emery Anderson getting a key hit and RBI in the fifth inning to give the WP the lead 2-1. Emery also had a BB and SB for the game. Ring was 1-3 and run scored and Sylvester had the other run scored with 2 BB.

June 14th vs Regina Mets: Tonight marked the third meeting between the two Regina Teams with the WP holding a 2-0 series lead. The WP sent Michael Betteridge to the mound for his second start of the year. Michael went 3 strong inings giving up no ER on 3 hits,BB and 2 SO.Vanderleest pitched the next 1-2/3 innings giving up two runs none earned allowing 1 hit. Kade Erickson pitched the final 2-1/3 innings striking out 3 and allowing 2 hits and no earned runs to give the WP a 5-2 victory. The Offense was lead by first year player Carson Bogdan going 2-4,3 RBI,1 R and SB. Carson has been playing his best baseball of late and Coach Erickson is liking what he says from versitile Bogdan for the future of the WP. Ring was 3-3 with 2 DB and 2 runs scored. Ring was scortching the Ball all night. Sylvester added a 2-3 night and a SB.

June 11th vs South East Twins: After coming off a split against the S.C Indians on Saturday, the WP looked to get back on a winning note and there was no better way than to hand the Ball to Lefty Kendal Daniels. Lefty cruised to a 9-4 victory in his first complete game on the season for the WP. Kendal scattered 7 hits giving up 3 ER, BB and 5 SO. Kendal completed this game only throwing 79 pitches and got his 4th win on the year to Lead the WP in that category. On the offensive side Lane Hodnefield came out of his slump with a 3-3 night and adding 2 RBI. Erickson added to his team leading 7th double on the year,Bogdan was 1-2,BB,RBI and a run scored. Ring contributed with 2 RBI with 1-3 night at the plate.

June 9th vs S.C Indians: First year starter Calvin Vanderleest got the ball in game # 2. Calvin pitched 3 strong innings giving up 2 runs on 2 hits with only one of the runs being Earned. Carter Folk started the fourth innings with the WP trailing 2-1. Folk went 2 innings giving up 2 runs on 1 hit, BB and 3 K's. Erickson entered the game in the 6th inning with the score 3-2 for the visitors. Kade recorded 1 K and gave up 2 hits ad the Indians tacked on one more run which was charged to Folk to make it a 4-2 game. In the sixth inning the WP made it close by scoring a run to make it 4-3 and thats as close as it came with the WP going to a record of 7 W & 6 L. On this day the WP offense was lead by Dezotell with a 3B,BB and 2 runs scored, Erickson 1 hit and RBI and Folf with a Hit and 1 run scored.

June 9th vs S.C. Indians: Today was a match up with two Teams hovering around the 500 mark and looking for an advantage heading into the mid way point of the schedule. Two Third year pitchers Hodnefield vs Keller faced off in game one. Hodnefield went 5-1/3 innings giving up 2 runs on 6 hits, BB and 3 K's. Lane left the game in the sixth with a 3-0 lead and turned the Ball over to their ace Sylvester. Jeremy earned the same going 1-2/3 innings scoreless innings and recording 3 K's. This was a well played 1Hour and 30 minute game, with the WP hanging onto a 3-2 Victory. The WP offense was lead by Dezotell 3B,BB and 2 runs scored, followed by Erickson with 1 hit and RBI and Folk with a Hit and RBI.

June 6th vs Regina Mets: The WP turned to the hot hand of Kendal Daniels on this night and Kendal didn't disappoint by going 6 scoreless innings and giving up 3 hits, BB and recording 7 K's in a 7-0 victory. Erickson closed out the game giving up 1 hit,BB and 1 K. The WP received timely hitting by Erickson and Folk which both ended the game with 2B,3B. Folk also recorded 2 RBI's. Blashke contributed with 2B and 2 RBI's. The WP took advantage of the Mets passed balls and walks on the evening. WP record now at 6 wins and 5 losses.

June 3rd vs Saskatoon Giants: In the second game of the double header it seemed the wind got stronger and the WP also got stronger. Lane Hodnefield got the start and went 3 innings with 1 hit,2 runs,1 ER,3 BB and 1 K. Lane left the game with a no decision on the line as the game was knotted at 2. Vanderleest went the next 3 innings giving up 4 runs, 1 ER,4 hits and 2 K. The 5th inning the WP committed 3 errors and came out of the inning losing 6-2. The offense was lead by two first year players Folk 3B,2 RBI's and a run scored followed by Bogdan with 2 hits and BB.

June 3rd vs Saskatoon Giants: The WP took on the First place Giants on a windy Sunday morning at Pacer park. The First game saw Jeremy Sylvester get the start in what was 1st place vs 2nd place. Jeremy went 4 innings giving up 5 runs, but only one being earned on 7 hits and 1 SO. The WP committed 7 errors on this day enroute to a 7-3 loss. Betteridge pitched the final 3 innings giving up 2 runs on 4 hits and 1 K. The offense saw Anderson with 2 hits and a run scored with Dezotell chipping in with a double, run scored, RBI and S/B. Warken also had a DB and RBI.

May 30th vs Estevan:The WP travelled to Estevan for a mid week game to take on the Twins. Kendal Daniels got the start and went 4 scoreless innings and only giving up 2 hits,3 BB with 5 K's. Betteridge, Vanderleest and Sylvester each got an inning of work on this night and held Estevan to 1 run in a convincing 10-1 victory. Emery Anderson was the offensive leader with 2 hits,4 RBI's and a run scored. Dezotell had 1 hit and 3 SB, Erickson 2 BB and 2 SB and Ring 3 BB and 2 SB.

May 25th vs Sidney Montana Richland Patriots: The Wolfpack travelled to Sidney in what became a one game tournament for the WP as it was called because of Rain. Lane Hodnefield started for the WP and had his way with the Home Town Patriots by only giving up 1 hit, 2 BB and finished with 6K's enroute to a 10-0, 5 inning game. The offense was lead by Dezotell 2 doubles,3 runs,2 rbi's and 2 SB. Ring also had 2 hits and a run scored, while first year player Carson Bogdan was 2 for 2 with a walk,2 runs scored and a RBI. The WP scored 8 runs in the 4th and 5th innings as they seemed to wear down the Patriots starting pitcher. Coach Barry was happy to see the offense on this day and have a Big win for this young team.  This will only help the confidence as they get back to League Schedule.

May 20th vs Okotoks Red Team: In the last game of the Moose Jaw Selects Tourney, Jeremy Sylvester got the start against the Okotoks Red Team. Jeremy did his job on the day by only allowing 4 runs on 6 hits and 3 walks. Jeremy left the game after the fifth recording 8 K's. Tanner Ring pitched the sixth and surrendered 2 runs on 1 hit while striking out a pair. The Okotoks pitching staff kept the WP offense at bay the whole game and only gave up 2 hits all game in a 6-0 loss for the WP.

May 19th vs Saskatoon Giants: Cole Warken started for the WP and going up against third year veteran Barrett for the Giants. Cole lased 1 -2/3 innings giving up 7 hits and allowing 5 runs vs the talented Giants and left the game trailing 5-1. Hodnefield pitched 1-1/3 scoreless innings and recording 2 K's. Erickson pitched the 4th and 5th innings giving up 1 run on 1 Hit and 2 K's making the score 6-2 for the Giants after 5. In the 6th the Giants scored 6 runs on 4 hits, BB and HP to end the game early 12-2. The offense was lead again for the second day in a row with 2 hits by Anderson and Ring and Hodnefield chipping in with a hit and RBI each. Barrett kept the WP hitters off balanced for most of the game and finished with only 79 pitches over 6 innings.

May 18th vs Spruce Grove: Kendal Daniels got the Start vs the unknown Spruce grove Team. Kendal struggled a bit thru the first inning on what looked like a tight zone. Kendal gave up 2 runs on 3 hits and left 2 men stranded. The WP struck back in the second to score two runs to tie the game and give the WP some Life. Warken and Anderson got things going with singles and Lane Hodnefield had a 2 RBI single to notch the game. Daniels breezed thru the next two innings and came out in the fourth when the first two batters of Spruce Grove reached base. At the end of the fourth the WP found themselves trailing again 5-2 on a cold rainy night. Carter Folk started the fifth inning and held the SG team in check over the next three innings only facing 10 batters and recording 1 hit and striking out 6. The hero of the night came in the top of the 7th with the bases loaded and 2 outs Calvin Vanderleest hit a Double over the head of the right fielder to tie the game and it stayed that way to give the WP a Tie to go 1 Win,1 Tie & 0 L for the tournament.

May 17th vs Moose Jaw(selects tourney): Michael Betteridge got his first start of the year for the WP and he brought his A game by going 4-1/3 innings giving up 1 run on 2 hits with 1 K. Michael then turned the ball over to Vanderleest who took it the rest of the way getting Michael his first win of the year and picking up the save for himself. Calvin recorded 1 run on 2 hits with 2 K's over 2-2/3 innings. The WP offense was extra base night. There was 3 WP with doubles, Dezotell, Warken and Ring along with 3 WP with triples, Sylvester, Erickson and Folk. The game was close until the sixth until the WP struck for three runs while bringing 8 guys to the plate and finished with a 6-2 Victory.

May 16th @ Regina Mets: Lane Hodnefield got the Start on this night against his old Team from last year. Lane went three innings giving up 2 runs on 1 hit,3 BB and 2 HP. Lane finished the game with 4 K's and 3-2 Lead. Sylvester started the fourth inning and went on to finish the game with only facing the minimum number of batters (12). Jeremy had best stuff going on this night with only allowing 1 base runner and recording 6 K's,1 hit and got defensive help from Ring who turned a DP in the final inning to preserve a 5-2 Win for Sylvester. Ring was the WP player of the night with 5 defensive put outs,2 hits and 2 RBI's. Also chipping in was Warken with 2 S/B,1 RBI and 2 runs scored. Dezotell finished the night with 2 Hits.

May 15th @ Regina Athletics: Heading into the third game vs the A's this year and with us having two wins already we knew the A's would be looking for revenge. Cole Warken got his first start of the Season. Cole settled in quickly with recording 2 K's on the first two batters and got thru the first inning with no runs scored. In the second inning the A's put together 2 hits along with 2 WP errors and the A's went up 2-0. Cole breezed thru the third and fourth innings and turned the ball over with the WP still very much in the game. 2-0 after 4 innings. Bogdan came in the 5th and struggled to find the zone and the WP surrendered 5 runs on only 1 hit, 5 walks and 2 HP and the A' took a 7-1 lead after 5. The WP offense was quiet for much of the night with only recording 3 hits Sylvester, Ring and Erickson. The game was called after 6 innings due to darkness/time with the final being 7-1.

May 12th @ Moose Jaw Devons: Kendal Daniels got his first start of the 2012 Season and went 4 strong innings only allowing one run on 5 Hits with 5K's to get his first Win of the year. Vanderleest worked his way thru the 5th but not before giving up two more runs on 2 Hits and recording a couple of K's. Betteridge made quick work of the sixth inning, facing only 4 batters and recording 2 K's and held the Lead at 11-3. Kade Erickson and Tanner Ring combined to close out the game, but not before Moose Jaw scored a couple of runs and leaving the bases loaded as the Final out was recorded to give the Wolfpack a 15-5 Victory. The offense was complete reverse from the previous night when they only recorded one hit. On this day the Wolfpack exploded for 15 runs on 13 Hits. Every Wolfpack player that came to the plate on this day got a Hit. There was three WP players with multiple Hits Folk and Erickson plus second year WP Emery Anderson finally had his break thru game of 2012 with 2 Hits and 4 RBI's. NEXT game is Tuesday May 15th 8:45 @ Optomist vs Athletic's. WP record now at 3W-2L for the year.

May 11th vs Saskatoon Cubs @ Currie: The Wolfpack on this night ran into Great Pitching performance by the Cubs Cody Rock. Rock faced only 22 batters and recorded 9 k's along the way. The only hit for the Wolfpack came in the 7th inning by Cole Warken and then was quickly erased when Dezotell Hit into a DP.

May 8th vs Regina Athletics @ Currie:  Lane Hodnefield got his second start of the year and he didn't disappoint the Home Team. Lane pitched four innings of 4 Hit baseball, allowing the high powered A's to only 2 ER with 3 k's. Lane handed the ball over to first year player and the Pitching future of the Wolfpack to Calvin (size 14) Vanderleest to pitch the 5th and 6th with only giving up 1 hit. In the top of the Seventh Vanderleest struck out the first batter which followed by an error and a walk which forced Coach Erickson to ring the bell for Tanner (T-Bone) Ring to come in and save the day for the Wolfpack. T-Bone gave up two hits and a Run before striking out Adelman to end the game with the tying run standing on third base. The Offense was lead by Dezotell with 2 Hits and 2 BB reaching base all 4 Ab's. Warken added 1 Hit, BB and RBI on the night but the real hero became Kendal Daniels with 1 Hit and the game winning RBI in the 5th which held up to be the difference. Wolfpack 2012 record is now 2W- 1L.

May 2 vs SE Twins(Estevan/Weyburn) @ Currie: The Wolfpack only third year player, Lane Hodnefield, got the start on Wednesday night. Lane had all his pitches working as he cruised thru the first four innings giving up only 1 run on 1 hit with 9 K's. Lane left the game with a comfortable 5-1 lead. He handed the Ball over to Tanner Ring who came in and pitched two scoreless innings in the 5th and 6th. In the top of the 7th, and still leading 5-1, the weather got colder and the strike zone seemed to go with it as the Twins came back with 5 runs on 1 hit and 5 walks with one HP. Tyson Blaschke and Cole Warken also combined for some of the unfortunate 7th as well. In the bottom half of the seventh Dezotell lead off with a stand up double and with the tying run at third base and no outs the Wolfpack failed to cash the run in to tie the game. The Wolfpack was lead again by Kade Erickson wit 2 hits and 2 RBI. Jordon Dezotell and Blaschke each had 2 hits and a run scored on the night.

April 30th vs Atletics @ Currie Field:  After three and half months of working out indoors and eventually some outdoor sessions the Wolfpack season got underway.

Coach Barry gave the opening start to second year Vet and the ace of the staff Jeremy Sylvester. Jeremy went 4 scoreless innings with scattering 3 hits and leaving the game with 5K's. The Wolfpack jumped out to a 7-0 lead after 4 innings on 11 hits with Kade Erickson having a banner night with 3 doubles,3 SB and a run scored. Warken and Daniels each had 2 hits with Cole having an RBI and Kendal bringing in 2 himself. Dezotell had 1 hit 3 SB, RBI and 2 runs scored as Kade Erickson came in to close the door on a opening night 8-6 win. The first win of 2012 for this fresh young Ball Club.


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