Feb 29/20
7:56 am

Racers Soccer





Racers Soccer
Things to Remember

- Run to the goal , not to the ball when your teammate has the ball.
- Stay in your lanes and spread out.
- Take a shot if you have it, don’t try and dribble it into the goal.
- Get back and help defense out when other team is in our territory.

- Attack the ball, don’t wait for offense to come to you.
- Center defense – hold your position in front of goal.
- Keep the ball out of the middle of the field,(kick towards sideline)
- Right & Left defense slide up to midfield when our offense is attacking.

- Bring ball up to your chest and hug it when making a save.
- Come out of goal and grab ball if you can beat offensive player to it.
- Throw ball to a teammate down sideline and hustle back in goal.
- Cut off angle when opposition is in the corner.

- Throw ins – both feet on the ground, ball over your head, snap a hard throw to a
Teammate never throwing towards our goalie.

Goal Kick – Other team – Everyone take a man, try and intercept and go to goal.

Goal Kick – Us – Kick ball towards sidelines, keep out of middle, offense don’t bunch up together in 1 area.

Play your hardest – hustle after every ball.

Have fun out there.


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