Feb 22/20
3:50 pm

Racers Soccer





Due back next practice


1 When on offense and my teamate has the ball I want to?

a. Watch him and hope he scores
b. Run to the ball
c. Run toward the goal and get open or look for a rebound
d. Drop back and help the defense

2 If I am the goalie and the ball is kicked to me I want to?

a. Get my whole body in front of the shot
b. Get my hands down like I am catching a ground ball in baseball
c. Bring the ball up to my chest to prevent the other team from kicking it
d. Run to the line and clear to a teamate (but not in the middle of the field)
e. Hustle Back into goal after making the throw
f. All of the above

3 Which of the following is NOT allowed to be used by anyone but the
goalie when striking the ball?

a. Feet
b. Hands
c. Head
d. Chest

4 When playing defense I want to?

a. Sit back and wait for the offense to come to me
b. Be aggressive and attack the ball when the other team has possession
c. Know where the ball is on the field at all times
d. Talk to my friends on defense and set up a playdate for after the game
e. Not worry, Vamshi will stop them
f. b & c

5 Match the League MVP with the team they play for?

a. Alex Rodriguez................1. Galaxy
b. Peyton Manning................2. Mavericks
c. Dirk Nowitzki.................3. Racers
d. Beckham.......................4. Colts
e. Tommy Falus...................5. Yankees

6 My favorite part about playing soccer is:

a. Having Fun
b. Improving my soccer skills
c. Winning
d. The snack after the game
e. all of the above

7. Name 2 things you have learned this season about playing soccer:



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