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Make the commitment to be the best Babe Ruth League baseball coach you can be this season! 

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About ASEP


The Babe Ruth League/Ripken Baseball Coaching Certification Program is developed and delivered by the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) in conjunction with Babe Ruth League, Inc. and Ripken Baseball, Inc. ASEP is the leading provider of youth, high school, and elite-level sport education programs in the USA. Rooted in the philosophy of "Athletes first, winning second," ASEP's courses and resources are used by local, state, and national sport organizations; more than 30 state high school associations; and 200 colleges and universities in certifying coaches. For more than 25 years, ASEP has led the way in making sport a safe, successful, and enjoyable experience for all involved.


ASEP is a division of Human Kinetics Inc.
, Champaign, Illinois, the world's premier publisher of sports and fitness. For more information on ASEP sport education courses and resources, call 800-747-5698, e-mail, or visit
New advanced baseball course takes you beyond the basics to further hone your coaching skills

Thank you for being a Babe Ruth League baseball coach! We appreciate the commitment you've made to our program and to providing our youth with the most positive baseball experience possible.

You strive to be the best coach you can be, and you took your first step by completing the Coaching Youth Baseball: The Ripken Way for Babe Ruth Baseball Coaches online course to earn your certification. For even more in-depth information and analyses of the techniques and tactics of baseball, we encourage you to enroll in Coaching Advanced Baseball: The Ripken Way for Babe Ruth Baseball Coaches.

Featuring a video introduction from MLB Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. and led by course mentor Billy Ripken, the course is designed for experienced coaches and is one of the most dynamic online courses ever produced by the American Sport Education Program (ASEP), the official coaching education provider of Babe Ruth League and Ripken Baseball.

The course offers experienced baseball coaches an unparalleled online educational experience aimed at improving player performance and in-game decision making:

  • 11 units guiding coaches through technical and tactical skill demonstration, evaluation, and correction; traditional and games approach methods of coaching; season and practice planning; and more. 
  • Nearly 100 video clips, sound bites, on-screen reading, Flash activities, end-of-unit quizzes, and a 40-question test to prove your mastery of the course content.
  • Sample practice plans, first-aid checklists, and drill sheets can be printed or saved for future reference.
  • A virtual baseball game where you apply what you've learned to make tactical decisions that affect the outcome of the game.

Coaching Advanced Baseball provides you with valuable insights you can apply as early as your next practice. Plus, when you purchase the course you'll have access to the materials online for a full year, so the course keeps paying off for the entire season and beyond. Register today!

New App for On-the-Go Youth Baseball Coaches


Get your players from the dugout into practice activities and game situations quickly with Go Coach Baseball, a new iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad compatible app developed by ASEP and endorsed by Babe Ruth League, Inc.

Go Coach Baseball is ideal for youth baseball coaches, especially those less experienced and first-time coaches seeking advice on teaching key baseball skills and organizing practices. More experienced coaches will also find the app valuable - especially the drill section - as will parents of players wanting to assist their kids in practicing skills.

Go Coach Baseball offers 32 video clips and 11 animations demonstrating 34 skills and 26 drills to organize and run your practices. Supplemental coaching tips and advice, safety guidelines and checklists, and guidance on season and practice plans will help you manage team activities beyond the Xs and Os. Drawing content from ASEP's Coaching Youth Baseball book, Go Coach Baseball is the authoritative app for any on-the-go coach.

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