May 26/20
6:35 pm

PineTreePark Football League





Friday Night Football

Friday, August 24 7:15

Bobby Tony Joe Money Ganesh 23~28 Brian Derek Stuts Martins VanBuren

Bobby: td rec, 2 int, 0/1 fg
Tony: 3 td pass, int, scored safety, 0/2 fg (both blocked)
Joebear: 2 sacks, tip pass, int
Money: 2 td rec,
Ganesh: good

Stuts: 4 td pass, int, 2 block fg
Derek: 2 td rec, 2 int
Brian: td rec, 2 int
Martins: 3 tip pass, 2 sacks
VanBuren: td rec, int

MVP: Stuts


Friday, August 31 6:00

Tony Derek Zak Money 35~21 Bobby VanBuren Michael Kevin
teams were not the fairest...
MVP: Derek


Friday, September 7 7:00

Bobby VanBuren Money Zak R. 31~28 Derek Kevin Zak K. Michael

It was a back and forth game, Dereks team scored to tie it, but on Bobbys teams last drive they get the FG to win 31~28
Bobby and Derek had 4 TD pass each


Friday, September 14 7:00

Derek Tony Kevin 35~24 Bobby VanBuren Andrew

Derek rushed for 3 tds, tying the record for most rush tds in a game.

MVP: Derek

Friday, September 21 7:30

Bobby Brian Michael VanBuren 42~49 Derek Kevin Money

Bobby: 5 TD pass, int
Brian: td pass, int
Michael, 4 td rec
VanBuren, 2 td rec

Derek: 3 rush td, 3 pass td, int return for td
Kevin: 2 td rec
Money: gw td rec on 4th down of last drive

Friday, September 28 1:30

Friday Night Football (Friday Afternoon Edition)

Bobby Joebear Martins 38-28 Michael Nick VanBuren

Bobby: 3 td pass, int, 1/2 fg, scored td on onside kick (michael dropped ball in endzone)
Joebear: 2 td rec, 2 fg block, int return td
Martins: 1 td rec, tip pass

Michael:4 td pass, fg block, 0/2 fg
VanBuren: 2 td rec, 2 int
Nick: 2 td rec

it was 31-28 and bobbys team was doen wiht poseesetions and michaels team had one more, bobby kicked it to michael in the endzoen who couldnt keep conroll of it, fumblign it so bobby picked it for a TD and the win.
Friday, October 5, 7:30

Bobby Kevin Nick 24-7 VanBuren Zak K. Money
Bobby had an interception return for TD to end the game
Friday October 12, 4:45, 63 degrees

Bobby Brian Michael Tony 45-24 Derek Kevin Joebear VanBuren
money photographer
bobbys teams comes back from down 24-3 to win

Bobby: 4 pass td, rush td,int, int return td (latterl from tony)
Tony: rec td, 2 int, 1/1 fg, latterl to bobby for gw td
Michael: td rec, int
Brian: 2 td rec, int

Derek: 2 td pass, rush td, 2 int
Kevin: 1/1 fg, int
Joebear: td rec
VanBuren: td rec, 2 int

Friday, October 19, 3:30, 60 degrees, sunny

Tony Derek Joebear Kruse 43~31 Bobby Kyle VanBuren Money

Bobby: 3 td pass, 1/2 fg
Kyle: td pass, int
VanBuren: 4 td rec
Money: int, tip pass

Tony: 2 td pass, 2/2 fg
Derek: td rec, td run, int return td, scored safety (vanburen hit it out)
Joebear: 2 td rec
Kruse: td pass

History was made, first game ever points were scored on the opening kickoff, (bobby keept it in, vanburen hit it out for somereason for a safety)

its getting colder, finally

Friday, October 26, 7:30 56 degreese heavy rain
This game was the 2007 Rain Bowl

Brian Derek Martins 34~22 Bobby Kyle VanBuren
Bobby made 5 fieldgoals breaking his own record of 4

Bobby: td rec, 5/6 fg, int
Kyle: td pass, int
VanBuren: int

Brian: td rec, td pass, int
Derek: td rec, 2 td pass, int
Marty: td rec, 2 sacks


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