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2021 All-Conference Honorees
Iwodu "Mike" Fadele, Sr., WR/DB (Honorable Mention)
Carsen Koch, Jr., QB (Honorable Mention)
Tim Nichols, Sr., OL (Honorable Mention)
Nayshawn Washington, Jr., OLB (Honorable Mention)
Austin Welsch, Sr., S (Honorable Mention)


2019 All-Conference Honorees
Mike Bird, Sr., OL (Honorable Mention)
Jevan Boyton, Sr., WR/OLB (2nd Team)
Jalonzo Jackson, Sr., WR/DB (Honorable Mention)
Trevor Johnson, Sr., DL (Honorable Mention)
Matt Kinas, Jr., OL (Honorable Mention)
Tyler Owen, Sr., DB (2nd Team)
Tanner Turek, Jr., OL (Honorable Mention)


2018 All-Conference Honorees
CJ Dean, Sr., LB (2nd Team)
Jevan Boyton, So., LB (Honorable Mention)
Dakarai Clay, Sr., LB (Honorable Mention)
Thylas Moss Henderson, Sr., DE (Honorable Mention)
Tyler Owen, Jr., WR (Honorable Mention)


2017 All-Conference Honorees
CJ Dean, Jr., LB (Honorable Mention)
Thylas Henderson, Jr., OL (Honorable Mention)
Keonte Jones, So., WR (Honorable Mention)
Tyler Owen, So., WR (Honorable Mention)
Nick Perez, Sr., DL (Honorable Mention)

2016 All-Conference Honorees
Kenny Jones, Sr., WR (1st Team)
Jonathan Garcia, Sr., OL (2nd Team)
Jovaughn Lane, Sr., DB (2nd Team)
Henry Brusoe, Sr., WR (Honorable Mention)
Ahkeem Cooper, Sr., LB (Honorable Mention)
Amadou Daff Sr., RB (Honorable Mention)
Tenzin Kunsel, Sr., OL (Honorable Mention)

Jarod Markeland, Sr., LB (Honorable Mention)


2015 All-Conference Honorees
Amadou Daff, Sr., RB (1st Team)
Mario Kelly-Lemon, Sr., OLB (1st Team)
Dale Tygum, Sr., WR (1st Team) (Receiver of the Year)
Coach Steve Erato, Coach of the Year
Jonathan Garcia, Jr., OL (Honorable Mention)
Kenny Jones, Jr., WR (Honorable Mention)
Bailey Kellerhuis, Sr., OL (Honorable Mention)
Keonte Schad, Jr., QB/DL (Honorable Mention)
Michael Stephenson, Sr., ILB (Honorable Mention)


2014 All-Conference Honorees
Jamari Manuel, Sr., RB (1st Team)
Dale Tygum, Jr., WR (1st Team)
Zach Zilm Jr., Sr., QB (1st Team)
Jordan Festge, Sr., OL (2nd Team)
Jordan Chester, Sr., WR (Honorable Mention)
Deang Deang, Sr., WR (Honorable Mention)
Mario Kelly-Lemon Jr., OLB (Honorable Mention)

Mike Lafayette, Jr., DE (Honorable Mention)


Carlos Perez, Sr., OLB (Honorable Mention)



2013 All-Conference Honorees
Carlos Perez, Jr., OLB (2ndTeam)
Jordan Chester, Jr., WR (Honorable Mention)
Jordan Festge, Jr., OL, (Honorable Mention)
Darby Lemkuil, Sr., OL (Honorable Mention)
Fernando Ruiz, Jr., DL (Honorable Mention)
Zach Zilm Jr., Jr., QB (Honorable Mention)


 2012 All-Conference Honorees
Delano Bingham, Sr., DL (Honorable Mention)
Chrisgin Fagan, Sr., OL (Honorable Mention)
David Lafayette, Sr., LB (Honorable Mention)
Raymond Morel, Sr., P (Honorable Mention)
Treveon Wright, Sr., DB (Honorable Mention)


2011 All-Conference Honorees

Tyrone Galvin, Sr., RB & KR (1st Team)


Gino Nelson, Sr., OL (2nd Team)
Kyle Sands, Sr., DL (2nd Team)
Jon Graham, Sr., S (Honorable Mention)
Kayhil Humbach, Jr., LB (Honorable Mention)
Austin Knorr, Sr., WR (Honorable Mention)
David Lafayette, Jr., DE/LB (Honorable Mention
Gabe Surges, Sr., DB (Honorable Mention)

2010 All-Conference Honorees
Tyrone Galvin, Jr., RB (2nd Team)
Casey Ryan, Sr., LB (2nd Team)

2009 All-Conference Honorees
David Aguayo, Sr., DB (Honorable Mention)
Speedy Amara, Sr., RB (Honorable Mention)
Tyler Kubicek, Sr., WR (1st Team) and PK (2nd Team)
Marquis Mason, Sr., WR (1st Team)
Drew McAdams, Sr., QB (1st Team) and P (2nd Team)
Vaughn Porter, Sr., OL (2nd Team)
Kyle Sands, So., LB (2nd Team)
Cody Schwichtenberg, Sr., LB (2nd Team)
Dhondup Tsering, Sr., LB (Honorable Mention)
Travis Turnquist, Jr., DB (Honorable Mention)
Isaac Unger, Sr., OL (Honorable Mention)

2008 All-Conference Honorees
WR, Marquis Mason, Jr.--1st Team
OL, Bryan Larson, Sr.--2nd Team
DB, Jorjio Hopkins, Sr.--2nd Team
OLB, Mark Vinje, Sr.--2nd Team
QB, Drew McAdams, Jr.--Honorable Mention
DL, Cody Schwichtenberg, Jr.--Honorable Mention
WR, Tyler Kubicek, Jr.--Honorable Mention
OL, Casey Dolphin, Sr.--Honorable Mention
DL, Daniel Aguayo, Sr.--Honorable Mention




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