Feb 19/20
2:50 am

Livingston Bulls





Bulls Homework
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When taking a left handed layup you should be jumping off of what foot?
A. Right
B. Left
C. Both
D. Either one doesn’t matter

2. When playing defense I want to?
A. Stay between the person I am guarding and the basket.
B. Help out my teamate if his man gets by him.
C. Box out after shot is taken.
D. Call out to my teamate when picks are set.
E. All of the above

3. If my team has a 2 on 1 fast break I want to?
A. Take the ball to the basket
B. Pull up at the free throw line and shoot
C. Pass the ball to the open man
D. A & C
E. None of the above

4. What play in the Bulls playbook is designed to run against a zone defense?
A. LeBron
B. Kidd
C. Kobe
D. Carter
E. B & D

5. Match the basketball term with what it applies to:
A. Frontcourt 1. Halfcourt to Opponents Basket
B. Backcourt 2. Baseline to Free throw line (key)
C. Three second lane 3. Area outside of key
D. Perimeter 4. Half of court where offensive basket is

6. Write a brief description of the following violation?
A. Double Dribble _______________________________________________
B. Traveling ___________________________________________________
C. Charging____________________________________________________
D. 5 Second Violation ____________________________________________


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