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 The Latest news, word, announcements from the coaches......

7/13 @ 3:30pm -- From Coaches
This was a great weekend ladies and you should be proud to be named Co-Champions of the NAFA Tri-State Finals 14B/C!!  They are sending us the trophy and medallions and were told we should have them late this week or early next week.  We are looking forward to giving these to you!!

Make sure you read Daryl's e-mail from last night and if you have not already please take action on the care of your equipment right away.

We are going to take this week off - no practices - so rest up and relax.  Next practice is Monday 7/20 and then Wednesday 7/22 before our end of the season tournament at Summer Nationals.  We will have pins for you all to give away & trade and will get those to you at the beginning of the tournament on Thursday 7/23.  We anticipate our first game will be that Thursday evening at either 6:30pm or 8:15pm - still working with the TD to finalize this.

We are really proud of you all!

Mike, Stevo, Daryl, Dave

7/13 @ 02:41 -- From Daryl
Hey Hi Voltage!
Great weekend!  It was really nice to see some of the things we have been working on in practice the last few weeks pay off.  Bunting, hitting, tracking down fly balls, and hitting your cut off from the outfield are all things I recall working on lately and seeing executed very well this weekend.  Good job!
One thing we haven't practiced much of is dealing with the rain.  Being new to the official coaching staff, I'm not sure what has been said already, but I'm sure it won't hurt to say it again.  Take care of your equipment.  ESPECIALLY after it rains.
With the rain we had today, I'm sure most everything you have is wet.  You need to take everything out of your bag and put it in a place where it will dry.  Typically, you can put it by a heater vent or a firelplace, but with it being "warm", you might not have your heat on, or a fire in your fireplace, so that won't do much good.  If you have a refrigerator or freezer in your garage, put your hand near the bottom-front and see if it has "warm air" exhaust.  If it does, that would be a good place.  If you don't have such a thing in your garage, check fridge in fridge in your house.  If it has a warm exhaust, ask your parents if you can put a bath towel down and put your stuff on it.   If neither is an option, ask your parents for help, but DO find a way/place for you to spread out your stuff so it can dry.
3 more practices, 4 more days of tournaments -- I'm so bummed the season is almost over.  You guys are such great family!  I think you have all learned some things throughout the year.  Some softball skills, some personal growth.  You're amazing and a lot of fun to watch!

7/8 @ 23:27 -- From Dave, Stevo, and Mike
Email sent out with Pool Play schedule for Saturday. 
Game 1 v. Sweet Home @ 8:30am, Crater #3
Game 2 v. Silverton Foxes @ 10:00am, Crater #3
Please be ready to go at 7:15am.  Lets go with Black Saturday and Gold Sunday.

Your favorite coaches in the whole world.

6/26 @ 9:53am -- From Dave, Stevo, and Mike
This section of the update has 3 parts:
1)  Scrimmage Game Friday (6/26) v. Cascade 
2)  Game TIME change Saturday (6/27) LOCATION is now back to Laurel
3)  Directons to Brittney's Grandpa's house for pizz Saturday (6/27)

1)  Scrimmage Game Friday 6/26
Game 6:30 -- Be there 6:00 --- Gold Uniforms  --- Cascade High School
This Friday we are gong to have a scrimmage game against Cascades Juniors Team at 6:30pm instead of practice at 6pm.  The game is at Cascade - Sadie will be playing for us.  (Cascade High School, 10226 Marion Rd SE, Turner, OR 97392).

Please be there at 6pm to warm up and wear your gold uniform.

2)  Game TIME change Saturday (6/27)
See Below - They changed us back to Laurel Saturday and now we have a game break so this will change Pizza time.....
New Pool play attached.
12:00 Sutherlin v.s Aloha Breeze Laurel-1
12:00 HiVoltage 94 v.s Jr Eagles 09 Laurel-4

3:30 L-2 pairings TBD
3:30 L-3 pairings TBD

NOTE:  Game was originally at Laurel, then moved to Junction City High School, NOW (6/26 @ 09:53) back at Laurel, but SECOND game has been moved from 1:45 to 3:30.

3)  Directions to Brittney's Grandpa's house for pizza after Saturday's game:
***Reminder if you are planning on going please give your $5 to Dave by tonight***

Here is the directions to Brittneys Grandpa's house, the address is 823 GREENWICH AVE, EUGENE....
These direction are from Junction City High School where we are playing Saturday...


Start at 1135 W 6TH AVE, JUNCTION CITY going toward PINE CT - go 0.40.6 mikm

Turn Right on IVY ST - go 0.30.5 mikm

Continue on PACIFIC HWY W(OR-99) - go 4.57.3 mikm

Turn Left on MEADOWVIEW RD - go 1.21.9 mikm

Turn Right on PRAIRIE RD - go 2.54.1 mikm

Continue on NORTHWEST EXPY - go 0.91.5 mikm

Turn Left on IRVING RD - go 0.40.7 mikm

Turn Right on KALMIA ST - go 0.20.3 mikm


Arrive at 823 GREENWICH AVE, EUGENE , on the Left

 6/24 -- From Dave, Steveo, and Mike
RE: Pizza after Saturday game in Junction City

Also on getting together after the 2nd game Saturday to eat - here is the plan.  We are going to caravan over to Brittney's grandpas house (20 minutes or so from the fields) and he is going to buy pizza for the girls.  We need each family to kick in $5 for pizza for the families and we need to bring our own beverages.  We need to know if you can't make it for this - if we don't hear from you we will expect you can be there.  Please send the $5 for the families portion to practice with the girls on Wednesday if possible - Friday at the latest.

6/21 -- From Dave, Stevo, and Mike
RE: Web page, Junction City Tourney, Practices

Web Page -- Questions?  Contact Daryl or Dave

Junction City Tourney -- Brackets should be out mid-week for Saturday times.  We will update you as we get them.

Practices --
1)  Practices will be extended 30 minutes, ending at 8:30pm now that school is out.
2)  Changing 2 practice dates (thank you for your patience)
A)  THIS WEEK ... Moving TUESDAY 6/23 to WEDNESDAY 6/24.  No practice Tuesday.  Online schedule has been updated.
B)  NEXT WEEK ... Moving THURSDAY 7/2 to WEDNESDAY 7/1.  Online schedule has been updated.
C)  NEXT WEEK ... Possible OPTIONAL batting practice only -- depending on interest.  Online schedule has been updated.

Email that was sent:
Daryl has worked up a web site for us - use this link:
browse around a bit and explore it - pretty cool what he has done so far.  Our sponsors are on here and we don't have all the links to them working yet but are working to complete that.  Check out the forum area where messages can be left.....  Thanks Daryl for doing this.  If anyone has questions or otherwise on this contact Daryl or Dave please.

This weekend -

We play in Junction City - brackets should be out by mid week so we will know what Saturdays game times are and will update you further then.

Practices -

Now that school is out and we have more daylight we are going to extend practices by 30 minutes to be 6-8:30 to give us more time to work on skills.  Also - we need to change 2 practice dates - I know this is a pain but I hope everyone is understanding that we are doing out best to get things firmed up but we keep running into scheduling challenges.

This week we need to do WEDNESDAY and Friday - no practice Tuesday.  The following week we will do Tuesday 6/30 and Wednesday 7/1.  If there is enough interest - on Thursday 7/2 we will do a hitting only workout from 6-8 at Western to tune up for the state tournament that starts on Friday 7/3.  We need to hear from each of you if you are wanting to do Thursday and when we hear back we will let everyone know if it is a go.

Looking forward to practices this week.  Last week we had 2 great practices - lets keep up the heard work!!

Dave, Mike, Stevo



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