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1.1 The name of this association shall be the Georgia Adult Football League hereinafter called the “GAFL”, the word “GAFL: herein shall refer to the Georgia Adult Football League, unless otherwise specified.

1.2 The GAFL office shall be as centrally located as possible to facilitate the travels of the teams in the league thus not causing any overextended travels because of time and/or distance.

2. The purpose and objectives for which this league was organized are:

A. To give athletes an opportunity to continue their football carriers, if they so desire.

B. To give athletes the opportunities to develop and excel, thus possibly attracting some college scouts who could help to further their formal educational pursuits.
(NOTE: This league is not an alternative to someone capable of going to college. Instead, it is an alternative to someone who is not capable at this time or not desiring to go to college. We do not pay our athletes at all, so their “State of Eligibility” stays intact for its allowable time.

C. To give athletes the opportunities to possibly be seen by pro-scouts, thus afforded a possible future pro try-out.

D. To give athletes a structured outlet to learn and grow through intense competition and camaraderie amount their teammates.

E. To provide a wholesome form of entertainment for the communities involved.

F. To become, through community involvement, an integral part of that area.

G. To provide for all of the teams the opportunity to participate in a regular season of the eight (8) or more games, a post-season playoff series, and a possible post-season “Bowl” game with another League’s champion which could be at home or require travel to another site.

H. To provide the opportunities for national recognition.

3.1 The GAFL shall select a person of unquestioned integrity to serve as Commissioner of the GAFL, and shall determine the period of his duties which shall first be approved by the affirmative votes of the members of the GAFL.

3.2 The Commissioner shall not have any financial interest, neither directly or indirectly, in any football team of this League unless otherwise agreed to by members of the League.

3.3 There shall be, if necessary, an elected position of Assistant Commissioner whose duties will be determined by the Commissioner. And, in the Commissioners absence, shall have the authority to conduct meetings and follow through on demands of this position.

3.4 There shall be an elected position of GAFL Treasure. His/Her responsibilities shall involve the handling of all GAFL funds including the taking in and distribution of monies for authorized purposes. A season ending financial report shall be provided on all monies received in and distributed out to GAFL members.

3.5 There will be an open book policy for checking the business and financial records of the Commissioner and all members (teams) before, during, and after the season. This policy can be carried out by the Commissioner or any appointed member of the GAFL Board.

4.1 Membership in the GAFL shall be limited to the members in the League at the time of the adoption of the Constitution, and such new members as may be thereafter duly elected, provided however that:

A. The admission of a new member within the territorial limits of a member-team’s area in which a franchise is presently located is prohibited unless approved by the unanimous consent of all members of the GAFL.

B. Membership in the League is limited to any member subject to the provisions of section 4.1 A above; such a limit on the affirmative vote of not less than five members of the GAFL.

4.2 Any team of good repute, organized for the purpose set forth in Article II, shall be eligible for membership in the GAFL.

4.3 Each applicant for membership shall make a written application to the Commissioner. Such applications shall describe their type of organization and designate the geographical area in which the franchise of the applicant shall be located; such applications shall further describe and contain the following information:

A. The name and addresses of all persons who will act as principles and sponsors.

B. The names and addresses of all officers and directors.

C. All applications shall contain a representation that, upon acceptance, the applicant shall subscribe to and agree to be bound by the Constitution and By-Laws, and the Rules and Regulations of the GAFL, and any amendments of modifications thereof.

** Upon receipt of any application for membership in the GAFL, the Commissioner shall conduct such investigation thereof as is deemed appropriate. And, for admission and continued member is the GAFL, the team must follow the By-Laws set forth by the GAFL.

4.4 No membership of any interest therein may be assigned or otherwise transferred in whole or in part except in accordance with and subject to the following provisions.

A. Application for the transfer of an assignment of a membership or any interest therein must be made in writing to the Commissioner.

B. Upon receipt, the Commissioner shall conduct an investigation as is deemed acceptable. When the investigation is completed the Commissioner shall submit the proposed transfer to the GAFL’s Board for approval, together with his recommendation and all other information pertinent to the transfer. All transfers and assignments shall only become effective if approved by the affirmative vote of the GAFL Board.

4.5 Any member of the GAFL may withdraw from membership by assigning or transferring its membership upon the terms and conditions set forth in section 4.4 above.

4.6 Dues and Fees – Each member shall be responsible for the following fees to be paid to the GAFL prior to the beginning of the playing season.

A. GAFL fee set forth by the Commissioner and approved by the GAFL Board.

B. Other fees as determined necessary by the Commissioner and the GAFL Board.

4.7 Each member club, and each and all of the officers and directors therein assumes and agrees to be bound by the following obligations of membership in the GAFL:

A. Each team shall be bound by, and will observe all decisions, rulings, and actions of the Commissioner as set forth by the GAFL.

B. They, and each of them, agree to be bound by all of the term and provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws of the GAFL as now and hereafter are in effect.

4.8 The Board shall be made up of two representatives from each team, but each team is only allowed one vote.

4.9 Any new team entering the GAFL shall do so on a one-year probationary basis. The team will be subject to being accepted or rejected based upon their first year’s performance (this will not have anything to do with the team’s win/loss record).

5.1 For the purpose of this Constitution, the following definitions are used:

A. “Home Team” means a member at whose field a game is played.

B. “Visiting Team” means a member whose team is playing a game at the field of another member.

C. “Home Territory” with respect to any member, means the area specified in A above in which another member-team is located, and for which it holds a franchise and plays its home games.

D. The GAFL games time 7:00 p.m. on Saturday nights unless mutually agreed upon to start at a different time and/or on a different day. These changes should occur as a last resort.

E. The GAFL game fee is $6.00. No League member should be charged any amount above $6.00 when one visits another team’s home-site. (Dose not include Fans)

5.2 All GAFL members should contact the GAFL Commissioner for answers regarding territorial rights.

6.1 The meetings of the GAFL shall be held on the day and time at such places and times as the Commissioner shall designate in the notices of the meetings.

6.2 Meetings will be held and called for through GAFL office, and each GAFL member will be notified by the Commissioner.

6.3 The GAFL Commissioner will preside over all GAFL meetings. In the Commissioners absence a representative will be appointed.

6.4 There will be a fine of $25.00 for those members not attending any meetings without prior notice, or without a legitimate reason as to why they could not attend.

7.1 The GAFL Commissioner, with the approval of the GAFL Board, will select the association(s) of officials to “work” the GAFL games for the upcoming not attend.

7.2 The referee and his crew shall have complete control of the games they are working.

A. Cooperation should exist between the head coaches and the referees.

B. Any reports, good or bad, should be made to the Commissioner.

1. Any players involved in any fights will be immediately suspended. Any players who starts a fight will be suspended the next game.

2. Any player who starts a fight for a second time will be suspended for the remainder of the season including the play-offs and championship games.

C. Officials will be paid by the “home” team at least by half-time. If the officials are not paid, the GAFL will pay the officials, but before the home team can play another game, they must reimburse the GAFL-office (Commissioner) at least 72 hours before the following weekend.

8.1 The conduct of all members participating in the GAFL, including coaches, owners, general managers, and any other representative working with any team, must be of the highest standards possible. Any misconduct or misrepresentation will be handled through actions taken by the Commissioner and the GAFL Board.

9.1 All teams must have uniforms of the same color-scheme without any conflict to other member-teams.

9.2 All teams must have proper and safe equipment, and are responsible for periodic checks of all equipment pertaining to their team.

9.3 No athletes are allowed to wear “shorts” or any “short-pants” type uniform in any certified GAFL game. THERE ARE NO EXPECTIONS!

10.1 Any team arriving after the “Game Start Time” will forfeit that game unless prior notices has been received or for some unforeseen predicament occurring.

10.2 A team who forfeits a game is subject to suspensions from the GAFL.

10.3 Any team who forfeits a game is responsible for paying the game fee for the officials as well as any other expenses incurred by the “Home” team. The money for the officials must be paid to the GAFL before that team plays another game.

11.1 All teams are required to keep statistical information of each game played. This should include information completed on the GAFL stat sheet.

11.2 After each game, when all of the information has been gathered and completed, a copy of the stat sheet should be send to the GAFL office or to any other designated place as determined by the GAFL Board. The scores of the games played each Saturday should be called in to the Commissioner on the same night as the game.

11.3 Failure to submit statistical information will result in a $25.00 fine. If this omission occurs more than twice, then the fine will increase to $50.00. This money is to be paid immediately (or before the next game) to the GAFL Treasure.

12.1 The GAFL will have as part of the GAFL dues a fee that will include general liability insurance for each team.


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