Jan 21/20
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1.     I will give 100% participation in all activities while I am a member of the Georgia Raiders.  This includes all practices, games, meetings, sponsored events or camps put on by the Georgia Raiders.



2.     I will be on time to all events that require my participation by GR.




3.     Drugs, weapons, and alcohol are strictly prohibited at all Georgia Raiders functions.  This rule will be strictly enforced. Any member caught violating this rule will be terminated from the team immediately.




4.     Each player is to conduct himself properly and show good sportsmanship at each GR function. Cursing, gang signs, fighting, and boisterous attitudes will not be tolerated. If this is displayed during a GR game, the player will be removed from the field.




5.      Each player will have their full equipment (shoulder pads, helmet, cleats) by no later than January 4,2010. Failure to have such material can cause suspension from team till member has acquired proper gear.




6.     Each player will pay their dues in full by March 1, 2010. Failure to pay dues will result in suspension from team until the individual had paid in full.




7.     Each player is expected to sell two tickets to every GR home game. Having a home based fan club is important in football. This will help establish a considerable crowd as well as promote our team. Failure to sell two tickets before said home game will result in the player paying $16 dollars before playing.




8.     Each player will be dressed in the Georgia Raiders uniform properly via the National Developmental and Southern Football Leagues dress code. Each player will have on pants, jersey, helmet, and two toned color socks. No equipment is allowed to be showing under any circumstances. If a player is wearing a knee brace it will be worn under the pants and sock. Failure to comply will result in a $20 fine.




9.     Each player will listen and comply with all coaches instructions and officials rulings. Under no circumstances is the player ever to argue with the official. If the call is incorrect the coaches will implore the official. Also player insubordination will not be tolerated. Back talking, yelling, cussing or arguing with the coaches will result in termination from the team.




10.  Each player is expected to learn and memorize their respective positions playbook. Failure to fully understand ones position will result in lack of playtime.




11.  Each player is expected to be in a gym weather it be commercial or private and have a strict cardio/workout routine. Each player will need to be physically fit with a strict endurance level to play this season. Failure to comply will probably result in injury or lack of play time.




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