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6th Annual Peter DeVries
Invitational Tournament







6th Annual Peter DeVries


JUNE 18Ė21, 2009 


Greetings to all SEEBA midget parents: 


This newsletter is to serve two purposes: 


a)     Introduce our organizationís new families to our premier tournament, and


b)    To let all of our parents know that every family will be expected to commit a healthy number of volunteer hours to make our sixth annual tournament a success. Before we can start asking for volunteers to handle such tasks as scorekeeper, announcer, concession cooks and cashiers, foul ball retrievers/-dugout cleanup, gate admission and 50-50 ticket sellers, we need to get three key volunteers from the two midget teams. 


In particular, we need one parent from each team to organize the concession and be responsible for buying all of the product and replacing it if and when we run out. The concession volunteer from the other team can assist the main concession co-ordinator, and also be responsible for the concession situation at their diamond. Itís very important for these two organizers to get started as soon as possible Ö the later they start this job, the more frenzied it will become. 


We also need a main co-ordinator from Team 1 to book the teamís volunteers and make sure that everything is running smoothly at their field. We already have a volunteer to be Team 2ís main co-ordinator. 


Once the two concession organizers and two main co-ordinators have been identified, former tournament chairman Norm Cowley will bring everyone up to speed, along with new tournament chair Dave Shedden, whoís a bantam parent but already getting his feet wet with some of the various aspects of planning the tournament.


The tournament will be played at Goldstick Park and John Fry Park, with the semifinals and championship final at John Fry Park. Both Cardinals teams will play their first game on the Thursday night, two games on the Saturday and at least one game on the Sunday. Ideally, both of our teams will make the playoffs and get to play at John Fry Park (but in that case we will still require volunteers from Team #2 at Goldstick for the two consolation games Sunday morning). 


We are running a concession at Goldstick and John Fry Park on the Friday and Saturday, a concession Sunday morning at Goldstick, and a concession at John Fry Park on Sunday. 


The tournament has made money each of the last two years, and we will attempt to cover our costs again this season by running the concessions, charging a minimal gate admission for non-SEEBA families plus 50/50 ticket sales. 


Parents will be expected to pick up volunteer shifts at the field their team has been assigned to during the weekend, not only when their teenagerís team is playing but also for games when the Cardinals team is idle. Players can work some of their familyís volunteer shifts, especially things like foul ball retrievers when their team isnít playing. If you are unable to make a shift that you have either signed up for (or been assigned in the event you took too long to fill in your preferred slots), you will be responsible for finding a replacement or trading shifts with another parent for shifts you canít make and then notifying your teamís co-ordinator. 


Thank-you in advance for your help, which is required to help make this popular tournament even better than itís ever been before.


Norm Cowley

Tournament Chairman

South Edmonton Elite Baseball Association / 718-8678



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