Jun 18/19
1:13 am

2012 Edmonton Little League
Host Tournament






Double Round Robin



A Printable copy of these rules is avalable in the Handouts" page. Click here or go the "Handouts" tab.


1.0    No coin toss for home team as the schedule is a Round Robin Format with first place team winning the tournament. If the score is tied after a regulation game it has to be continued until there is a winner. If there are teams tied after the double round robin, then refer to the Tiebreaker Procedures.


Tournament Tie Breaker Procedure:

1.    If two teams are tied for first place, a tie-breaker game will be played.

2.    If 3 teams are tied for first place, then a single round robin will be played.


2.0    Home team dugout will be the third base dugout. No exceptions.


3.0           All copies of the lineup card for the game must be presented to the official scorekeeper 45 minutes before game time. The scorekeeper will give you copies for the plate umpire and opposition manager to be exchanged at the meeting at home plate.


4.0    Thirty minutes before game time, the home team will be allowed a 10-minute infield warm-up followed by a 10-minute infield warm-up for the visiting team. When a team is doing their infield/outfield the other team must leave the field.


5.0    Approximately ten minutes before game time the players and coaches will be introduced. The visiting team will be introduced first. The players, coaches and manager will line up along the first base line as they are introduced. The home team will then be introduced and will line up on the third base line. After the introductions a player of the home team will read the Little League pledge. Following the reading of the pledge, a meeting at home plate with the Umpires and Team Managers will take place.


6.0    Starting lineup sheets will be supplied for your use. To assist the announcers you are requested to use the alphabetical designation for positions rather than numerical. (Example 1st, catcher, LF, Pitch, etc.)


7.0    Your assistance in reducing clean up by not allowing "spits" or leaving any food or drink containers in the dugouts is requested. Please clean up and leave the dugout and field as soon as the game is finished.


8.0    Baseballs will be supplied by Alberta District #2. For the games beginning June 25, home team supplies a scorekeeper. Pitch counts must be announced after every half inning. Both teams will supply a pitch counter.


9.0    A District#2 Rules/Dispute Committee has been formed. The committee will be made up of the District Administrator or his designate and the District Umpire Consultant or his designate. Disputes will be settled in accordance with Little League Tournament rules.


10.0  A five-minute grace period will be given to fill the nine-player roster at the start of the game.


11.0 A rained out/darkness delayed game will be replayed on a date to be announced.


12.0 The Tournament Committee does have a lightening policy. If there is a danger to our area, they will suspend the game by verbal direction to the Umpire and/or by a siren squeal.


13.0 Double-header games will not be played unless time doesn’t allow the completion of the Tournament.


14.0  If an injury occurs to a player, coach, official or spectator at any time, then an Edmonton District #2 Little League Preliminary Accident/Incident report must be completed. The signed report is to be turned into a Tournament Official for further processing. Forms are available from a Tournament Official.


15.0   Tournament pitching rules will be used – Refer to 2012 Rule Book Rule 4 Page T 13 - T 15.









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