Nov 25/20
7:44 pm

Varsity View Falcons






Hi Falcons and Falcon Families,

First of all, much thanks to the Ferguson's who have spear-headed this initiative of having the Varsity View 10A1 website.

I was asked to contribute to our website with "Coaches Comments" on a weekly basis, and thought it would be a good idea to review our team's start to the beginning of the season.

In discussing the team's start with Coach Brent and Coach Dale, we all feel that everyone is working hard and working at understanding the team systems. One important note about our Team System's is that we need to continually work on our Individual technical skills such as skating, passing/receiving shooting and checking for our team systems to be successful. For example, it doesn't matter how much work we do on our breakout routes if we can't pass the puck consistently tape to tape to each other. I have been using the term "Paying Attention to Detail" a lot lately, and will continue to do so, focused on reminders of executing small mechanical techniques about a given individual technical skill properly.

So, when we work on our Individual technical skills in practice, let's make sure we concentrate on using each hour of practice ice as an opportunity to improve our individual technical skills. As our individual technical skills improve, our team tactics (i.e. 2 on 1's, 3 on 2's etc) and team systems ( forechecking, defensive zone coverage, P.K., P.P. etc.) will improve quickly as well.

The Coaches want to remind everyone of the need to keep up a good work ethic, good citizenship and good discipline every time the group gets together (practices and games). If there are any concerns in any of these areas, we will discuss it with the players first, and then the families to assist in resolving any concerns.

Quote of the week: "It's not doing the drill that's important, it's executing the drill properly every time that's important."

by Vince Lombardi, Former Head Coach Green Bay Packers, 3 time Super Bowl Champion

I am really enjoying the start to the season. Let's all have fun, and see you at the rink.

Coach Billy


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