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Countdown to
Yorkton cardinals Home Opener

(Jun 1, 2017 @ 7:05pm)

WOOT WOOT. It's here!

Pee Wee A Parkland
Mosquito Orange - Front Row L-R: Daxton Kulcsar, Dray Sobkow, Matthew Washington, Jayden Halliday, Karson Krasowski - Middle Row L-R: Landon Sorensen, Colby Hoehn, Ashton Webster, Aiden Nystrom, Dasek Sobkow, Jackson Long - Back Row L-R: Rene Kulcsar (asst coach), Darrell Sobkow (coach), Clint Halliday (asst coach
Rookie Red - Back Row(L to R): Brian Spilchen, Kirby Stewart, Tim Szabo (coaches) - Middle Row(L to R): Robert Prestie, Jeffrey Stewart, Jaxon Sperling, Jaida Smith, - Front Row(L to R): Brandon Spilchen, Zach Szabo, Jase Smith, Kaela Gross
Jr Jays Yellow
Jr Jays Red
Pee Wee #2 - Peewee Team #2 - Front row (L-R); Zachary Goulden-Maddin, Grady Hawkins, Tyler Stratechuk, Alec Zawatsky, Kaito Farquharson, Gregor Farquharson, Kevin Shirtliffe (coach) - Back row (l-R): Owen Shirtliffe, Luke Walters, Caleb Bymak, Ty Brass - Missing: Jordan Evans, Jamie Ellis, Eric Fookes, Kade Johnson, Lynton Evans (coach) -
Blastball Orange - 2011 Season
Blastball Orange
2017 Teams
Jr Jays Lt Blue

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