Name Position Phone Email
Mark Jacobs President  306-621-8859 
Vice President     
Thalia Bradford Secretary  306-641-6338 
Gina Flett Executive Director  306-828-0937 
Craig Smith Umpire director  306-783-7406 (h) 641-4094 (C) 
Tom Courville Bantam Director  306-621-4253 
Wes Dierker Pee WeeDirector  306-621-1420 
Cory Hancock Mosquito Director  306-621-4692 
Erin Bryksa Jr. Jays Director  306-604-2442 
Gord Ross Member at Large  306-621-8089 
Terry Butler SBA President  306-291-7774 
Brian Trollope SBA Vice President  306-641-7844 
Mark Jacobs SBA Zone 4 Govenor  306-621-8859 
Trevor Drury SBA Umpire Supervisor  306-858-2728 
Murray Bucsis SBA Zone 4 Umpire Director  306-728-4138 
Mike Ramage SBA Executive Director  306-780-9237 
Greg Brons SBA High Performance and Coaching Director  306-975-0828 
Matt Parks Department  306-621-2244 
Crystal Riffel Park Bookings and cancellations  306-786-1780 
Taylor Morrison Gloria Hayden  306-786-1776 
Gallagher Centre Kiosk After hours Parks issues  306-786-1740   

2017 Teams
Bantam AAA
Mosquito Orange - Front Row L-R: Daxton Kulcsar, Dray Sobkow, Matthew Washington, Jayden Halliday, Karson Krasowski - Middle Row L-R: Landon Sorensen, Colby Hoehn, Ashton Webster, Aiden Nystrom, Dasek Sobkow, Jackson Long - Back Row L-R: Rene Kulcsar (asst coach), Darrell Sobkow (coach), Clint Halliday (asst coach
2017 Teams
Blastball Orange - 2011 Season
Blastball Red - 2011 Season
2017 Teams
Rookie Orange - Rookie Orange Team - Back Row: Kelly Schuster (Coach), Keanen Gnyp, Ayden Bond, Logan Walters, Nikolas Schick, Nyla Dierker, Ethan Kirby, Darrell Sobkow (Coach) - Front Row: Anton Langan, Kaylee Stein, Liam Hoffman, Ashton Schuster, Dray Sobkow, Mason Campeau, Justin Kidd Missing--Dallas Bond (Asst Coach) -
Jr Jays Green

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