Congratulations to the North Shore Yankees for being this year's WLM Bantam A champion!  

It was a hard-fought game in undesirable weather, but the NS Yankees pulled through defeating the Burnaby Royals 14-7 at Eldon Park.


2017 WLM Bantam A Playoff Semi-Finals

Congratulations to the Burnaby Royals, North Shore Yankees, North Shore Blue Jays and Sunshine Coast A's for making it to the playoff semi-finals!

Playoffs will be on Saturday, June 17th:

Pool B 1st place - Burnaby Royals vs Pool A 2nd place - Sunshine Coast A's at Kensington, 1PM

Pool A 1st place - North Shore Yankees vs Pool B 2nd place - North Shore Blue Jays at Eldon Park, 9AM

Winners of each semi-final will play in the championship game on Sunday, June 18th.


2017 Western Lower Mainland 15U Bantam A Playoffs

All scores, pitch counts and innings played are to be e-mailed to Margaret at by either team before the next game is played (i.e. as soon as the game is over).

All games are to be rescheduled for the next day, if possible, but definitely before Friday, June 16th.

All regular season interlock rules apply except that:

There are no time limits.  Every game is to be played a full 7 innings.  The 7th inning plus any extra innings are open (no run limits).

In the event of a tie, play as many innings as possible until the umpires call the game due to darkness.

Borrowing players from within the bantam division is NOT allowed during playoffs.  Call-ups from the peewee division are permitted to field a team of 9-10 players, but they cannot pitch.

Tiebreaker rules:  as per BC Baseball rule 29.01/29.02:  the first tie-breaker is head-to-head.  The 2nd tie-breaker is runs against divided by defensive innings played between tied teams.  If three teams finish 2-1, the tie-breaker rule will be applied to determine the group winner.  The other two teams will play a tie-breaker game.  No team will be eliminated at 2-1.  In all other tie situations, the tie-breaker rule is applied and there is no tie-breaker game.

Playoff Seedings

The playoffs will consist of two divisions of four teams.  Each group will play a 3-game round robin with the top two teams advancing to the semi-finals.

1st - North Shore Yankees 2nd - North Shore Blue Jays
4th - Sunshine Coast As 3rd - Burnaby Royals
5th - Burnaby Reds 6th - South Burnaby Mariners
8th - Vancouver Minor Expos 7th - North Shore Athletics


Semi-finals:  the winner of Pool A will play the 2nd place team in Pool B.  The winner of Pool B will play the 2nd place team in Pool A.


​Welcome to the 2017 Western Lower Mainland 15U A Home Page!

Home team is to enter scores within 24 hours of the game.  If the score isn't entered within an acceptable time limit, the visiting team may enter the score.
Enter score by clicking on icon or link below.

If there are any problems/issues with the scoreboard, please contact the WLM Bantam A coordinator, Margaret Lee at

Rescheduled games should be done with the mutual consent of both teams and be played as soon as possible.  Coach/manager of the home team is to confirm field and umpire availability before rescheduling a game.

Upcoming Games

There are no upcoming games to display.



Burnaby Royals (BBA1)33001.000-
NSBA Yankees (NS3)33001.000-
NSBA Blue Jays (NS1)3210.6671.0
Sunshine Coast A's3210.6671.0
Burnaby Reds (BBA2)3120.3332.0
NSBA Athletics (NS2)3120.3332.0
South Burnaby Mariners3030.0003.0
Vancouver Expos3030.0003.0