9:00  a.m.

Waverly vs Burns

10:00  a.m.

William James vs Fairview

11:00  a.m.

Harpeth vs Burns

12:00  p.m.

Waverly vs William James

  1:00  p.m.

Fairview vs Harpeth

  2:00  p.m.

William James vs Burns

  3:00  p.m.

Waverly vs Fairview

  4:00  p.m.

Harpeth vs William James

  5:00  p.m.

Fairview vs Burns

  6:00  p.m.

Harpeth vs Waverly
















ALL HANDS ON DECK!!! Lots of help will be needed for our Play Day on Saturday, July 27. Match schedule is above. Waverly B-Team will play at 9am, 12pm, and 3pm and 6pm. 

  • 8th Graders will be working scoreboard and line judge if needed.
  • Parents will be needed to Line Judge, work gate and work concession stand. 
  • Will need 2 line judges per match 
  • Will need 1 or 2 parents to work gate 
  • Clean-up when all is done
  1. ​8th Grade Parents am requesting for you to work 9am to 10am gate and 12pm to 1pm(B-Team Parents will be watching daughters play). Gate will close at 1pm.
  2. Keep checking website during coming week for any added information

8AM-9AM-- Laural Baker, Andrea Newsom
9AM-10AM-- Kara Porch, Tracy Hollifield
10AM-11AM-- Amanda Wilson, Sommer Burnette
11AM-12PM-- Tammie Lavender, Amy Roberts
 Jerri Lynn Sims
Plans are to close gate at 1PM

LINE JUDGE TIMES: (2 are needed per match) This is a good opportunity for parents to learn how to line judge. We will need parent line judges throughout the season.

9 am -10 am      Tommy Lavender

10 am -11 am    Tommy Lavender (if needed)

11 am -12 pm    Tommy Lavender

12 pm -  1pm     Carrie Chappell

  1 pm -  2 pm    Andrea Newsom  (If needed)

  2 pm – 3 pm    Diane Davis and Carrie Chappell (if needed)

  3 pm – 4 pm    Jennifer Robinson

  4 pm – 5 pm

  5 pm – 6 pm     Kevin Rawlings (if needed)

  6 pm - 7 pm      Kevin Rawlings

Concessions Stand Times - Will need 8th grade parents to oversee the concessions stand throughout the day. 8th graders will help sell concessions. 

9 am -10 am       Jennifer Hedin and Tina Coon

10 am -11 am     Jennifer Robinson and Laural Baker

11 am -12 pm     Amy Roberts and Kara Porch

12 pm -  1pm     Jennifer Hedin and Tina Coon

  1 pm -  2 pm    Tracy Hollifield and Tammie Lavender

  2 pm – 3 pm     Jerri Lynn Sims

  3 pm – 4 pm

  4 pm – 5 pm

  5 pm – 6 pm

  6 pm - 7 pm

Call or text Coach Jill with any questions.




Lady Wildcats (A) place third in the 2019 TMSSAA Sectional Tournament. Carlee Hollifield and Molly Baker selected as All Tournament Team.

October 14, 2019   read more

MTAC Tournament 2019 Runner-Up

September 22, 2019   read more

MTAC All Conference 2019

September 22, 2019   read more

Lady Wildcats (B) finish the regular season 15-1 in the MTAC.

September 19, 2019   read more

Lady Wildcats (A) finish the regular season undefeated 16-0.

September 19, 2019   read more

2nd Place Finish at DCA

September 08, 2018   read more
Recent Results
Sat Sep 28/19 5:30pm: (2019 A)
Fairview 2
Waverly (A) 0
Sat Sep 28/19 3:00pm: (2019 A)
Summertown 2
Waverly (A) 0
Sat Sep 28/19 1:00pm: (2019 A)
Fairview 1
Waverly (A) 2
Sat Sep 28/19 11:00am: (2019 A)
William James 0
Waverly (A) 2
Sat Sep 21/19 6:00pm: (2019 A)
Fairview 2
Waverly (A) 1
Sat Sep 21/19 4:00pm: (2019 A)
William James 1
Waverly (A) 2
  • 2018 A-Team 2nd Place DCA Middle School Tournament
  • It is better to be solid and steady ALL the time than to be amazing once in awhile.
  • 2017 B-Team 2nd Place MTAC Conference Tournament
  • 2016 A-Team 23 Wins Season
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