Kia Wright Keeps Wave Rolling

  Posted March 21, 2017

The Long Island Wave Organization has hand selected Kia Wright as Associate Head Coach/Director of Player Personnel for the first year WBCBL team. Head Coach George Hampton said "there was no coaching search conducted for the position I knew exactly the person I wanted next to me in the war roo...

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Welcome to the Long Island Wave Home Page! 

The Long Island Wave, the Premier Professional Women's Basketball Organization in N.Y. is looking forward to a bright future in The Women's Blue Chip Basketball League (WBCBL) the premier professional development league for women basketball players.

The Long Island Wave's GOALS are to win basketball games and championships in the (WBCBL), send our players to play professional basketball (WNBA-Overseas), but most importantly we want to build successful women on and off the court to become positive role models within our communities. We want to encourage athletes to follow their passions and also give them an opportunity to continue playing the game they love. The Wave has a very long history of community service, and we will continue to improve and find new Waves to further our dedicated passion towards building our community.

Long Island Wave's MISSION is to help the progression of women's sports through developing female coaches, mentors, educators, and independent business women who own their own financial future. More female coaches and mentors are needed to help guide our female youth. Long Island Wave will provide programs to help the female athlete and non athlete participate in health and team recreational activities that will enhance education through health and fitness while promoting teamwork. 

The Long Island Wave will continue its long lasting 20 year  journey with Long Island community based organizations Operation Make-IT and Academic Athletes, fighting for equality in women's athletics and life. This PARTNERSHIP will continue its original course of building character, confidence, and self esteem in young ladies. Wave players participation as leader and mentors in community outreach activities, will inspire female youth to become future leaders in their own lives and communities.


Our Motto- "Wave After Wave After Wave After Wave=TSUNAMI"

The Long Island Wave would like to say Thank-You to the WBCBL for giving us this great opportunity to join the league.



Kia Wright Keeps Wave Rolling

March 21, 2017   read more
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