VIU 100 Inning Fundraiser Player Sponsorship Form

Posted October 3, 2017

VIU Baseball

100 Inning Fundraiser


The Vancouver Island University Mariners’ Baseball team is training hard for the 2017-2018 season, with a single minded focus on bringing the CCBC Championship back to Nanaimo. Since 2006 we have been dedicated to providing student-athletes nationwide with the best baseball experience in the country. We play in the only college baseball league in Western Canada, the Canadian Collegiate Baseball Conference, which stretches throughout B.C. and Alberta. Our pre season schedule includes games in Arizona and California against high level DII, NAIA, and JUCO programs.

Our 13th annual 100 Inning Fundraiser is a marathon game where the players look to be sponsored for every inning they play. It is a great way for the players to have fun while raising money to offset our spring travel costs. As a university club program, we rely almost exclusively on support from the VIU Baseball community both on and off the island. Please sponsor your favorite player and join us in our hunt for the CCBC Championship!

For more VIU information and updates visit our website, follow us on Twitter @VIBaseball, and like us on Facebook @vibaseballinstitute. Your support is greatly appreciated! Please fill in the bottom portion and return to the VIU Baseball office at 206-315 Hecate Street Nanaimo, BC (V9R 4J9) for a receipt. You can also make a donation to our GoFundMe page by following the links or by going to


Please choose one of the following sponsorship tiers:


            Rookie:        ____  $0.25 per inning ($25)    


            All-Star:        ____  $0.50 per inning ($50)


            MVP:            ____ $1.00 per inning ($100)


            Hall of Fame:        ____ $2.00 per inning($200)


Or, choose to pledge the following total amount per inning:  

    Independent League        $_______   per inning – Total($ __________)

Name: ________________________________________    Receipt:    Y        N    

Address:______________________________________      Receipt Amount:  $  

City, Province, Postal Code: ___________________________________________________

*Please make cheques payable to VIBI



2018 VIU Black vs Blue World Series - Colin Borrelli
2018 VIU Black vs Blue World Series - Conor Bronson
2018 VIU Black vs Blue World Series - Andrew MacCuaig
Mickey Mantle - Mickey trying to go yard on opening day
2018 VIU Black vs Blue World Series - Team Black mound meeting
2018 VIU Black vs Blue World Series - Liam Ballance, Brayden Baker
2018 VIU Black vs Blue World Series - Dustin Aldana
2018 VIU Black vs Blue World Series - Jordan Moffat
2018 VIU Black vs Blue World Series - Nathan Wedgewood
Waiting for Heli - NMBA players are invited onto the field between games to meet the Mariners and wait for the RCMP Helicopter to land.

Countdown to
First Game of the 2019 Season

(Feb 23, 2019 @ 12:05pm)

Pitchfork Pride!!!


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VIU 100 Inning Fundraiser Player Sponsorship Form

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