# Name  POS B T
3 Tanner Anderson R R
34 Nick Anglin R R
4 Dan Bell R R
5 Colin Bertram OF, P L L
24 Mitchel Brown R R
11 Jack Brown R R
22 Layne Brown L L
D'Andre Fore OF R R
24 Dan Grasser R R
22 Garrett Harms P, OF L L
37 Tom Heisinger R R
13 Jayce Huska L R
25 Ty Iverson C, OF R R
8 Ethan James R R
8 Ethan James (L) INF, P R R
9 Rusty Jensen P R R
9 Rusty Jensen R R
7 Tyler Johnson OF, P, 3rd, 2nd R R
7 Tyler Johnson R R
33 Jamie Jorgenson R R
17 Lance Kotter L L
4 Carter Kratz INF L R
16 Travis Lee R R
15 Grant Lueders OF, P L L
15 Grant Lueders L L
44 Levi Mahrt OF, INF, P R R
6 Joe Mazour INF, OF R R
32 Josh Merrigan P L L
21 Jon Merrigan L L
32 Josh Merrigan L L
12 Mike Moran R R
10 Erik Muckey OF, P L L
1 Colin Olson R R
99 Gage Small R R
23 Jay Thaler C, INF, P R R
23 Jay Thaler R R
2 Travis Weber R R
5 Josh Wood R R


# Name  POS
12 Mike Moran
16 Travis Lee Bench/Hitting Coach
24 Dan Grasser 3rd Base Coach
18 Todd Radigan 1st Base Coach

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Thu Aug 4/16 11:00am:
Greysox -
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Thu Jul 28/16 7:30pm:
Akron Rebels 3
Greysox 6

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