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Sep 11/09 8:00pm Florida Barceloneta Florida -
Sep 13/09 2:00pm Hatillo Florida Hatillo -
Sep 18/09 8:00pm Florida Toa Alta Florida -
Sep 20/09 2:00pm Barceloneta Florida Barceloneta -
Sep 25/09 8:00pm Toa Alta Florida Toa Alta -
Sep 26/09 4:00pm Florida Hatillo Florida -
Oct 2/09 8:00pm Barceloneta Florida Barceloneta -
Oct 3/09 8:00pm Florida Hatillo Florida -
Oct 9/09 8:00pm Toa Alta Florida Toa Alta -
Oct 10/09 8:00pm Florida Barceloneta Florida -
Oct 16/09 8:00pm Toa Alta Florida Toa Alta -
Oct 18/09 2:00pm Hatillo Florida Hatillo -


Titanes COLICEBA derrotan a Campeones

September 17, 2010   read more
  • Welcome to the new home of the Titanes de Florida (Coliceba)
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