Interesting Sports Fan Perspective

  Posted August 06, 2017

 The guys who ( a ) weren't the best players on their high school teams, ( b ) didn't play at Division I football schools (or were on the team but did not star), ( c ) were not drafted, ( d ) have not been signed in the days immediately following the draft and ( d ) are approaching thei...

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Some Current CTE Study Info.

  Posted August 04, 2017

A new report published in the July 2017 Journal of the American Medical Association....

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Code Launch

  Posted July 31, 2017

Code Launch Posted July 31, 2017 Social Network Marketing...

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Odds of a High School Athlete playing College Sports

  Posted July 17, 2017

Odds of a High School Athlete playing College Sports Scholarship Here are the odds of a US high school athlete playing at the next level for 4 popular  sports:   Boys pla...

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Player Question

  Posted July 13, 2017

Players interested in obtaining access into the AI1 academy Texas Indoor Football League, interested prospects have asked how to enter, that is the first question the concept addressed because its the first question asked in developing a different type of indoor football play, while addressing a tru...

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Welcome to the Texas Indoor Football League AI1 Academy Institute



The Texas Indoor Football League operates as a junior level tier 1 Class A Rookie minor league academy insitute for players age 21U who either attend community college or a vocational school and/or work either part time full time, Udacity or teamtreehouse would be a great online education stop to develop computer skills such as software debugging intelligence for robotics and many other computer aided skills that will continue to develop for the future , Our focus developing players through instructional teaching/coaching and classroom session over one intense semester academy season to move into a Professional Development Contract with their athletic pro ready or prospect skill set to professional play.

We require that the player have some type of work, in order to help develop the habits needed in continuing his growth as a person in the workplace. The player will be pushed to reach his maximum athletic ability over the course of a total 10 game experience within the TIFL academy institute and season of 10 game Spring schedule and a 4 game academy international Fall schedule players can be released if not reaching attainable goals set by the player and the academy league staff . We foster continued growth and understanding of the sport while also promoting international education and friendship through the sport of football by domestic and International play.

We work with players on developing an understanding of the job process mainly the association with interviewing.

Players are asked to develop a backup plan, because the reality is even if you have prospect level talent that suggest you could use it to make a living playing sports.

You are one injury away from having to find another way to make a living

Things one needs to know in order not to (suck) at the initial interview

1. Tell me about yourself

2.What can you do for us, that other candidates can't?

3.What is your best strength and weakness?

4.Why do you want the Job?

5.What are expectations?

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Interesting Sports Fan Perspective

August 06, 2017   read more

Some Current CTE Study Info.

August 04, 2017   read more

Code Launch

July 31, 2017   read more

Odds of a High School Athlete playing College Sports

July 17, 2017   read more

Player Question

July 13, 2017   read more

NFL Undiscovered

July 08, 2017   read more
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