Al and he effing predictions!

Posted January 17, 2016

Al and he effing predictions!

Macomb (AP) - Team Guinness battled from behind again to shock the Fury for the Championship in an OT thriller!

Before the game, winger Al Atwood stated that because he wasn't playing that he would like to watch an entertaining game... "Fellas, I like to see a close game, maybe you guys are down a goal late and force overtime or something like that and then win it in OT".  

Son-of-a-bitch if Al hwas not close, he was dead on accurate.

Guinness started off hte game and found themselves down inside of 45 seconds of the first period, but were able to answer within the next minute.  With Al's voodoo on the game, the Fury retook the lead 15 seconds later.  It would take another 6 minutes for Team Guinness to tie it up but they eventually did so with a brilliant shot by Alex Barile.

Of course, true to form, they gave the tie back to the Fury a minute later to be down 3-2, but Nick Buckler answered 35 seconds later to tie the game heading into the 2nd period.  Of course, that was short lived as 12 seconds into the 2nd periond Fury took the fucking lead again and the bench of Team Guinness was furious.  Alex Barile once again took matters into his hands and found the back of the net to tie it at 4.  

Now you probably wouldn't believe me if I told you that it took another minute for the Fury to score again to take the lead... and you would be right, it only took 40 fucking seconds... No shitting, this really happened.  After shifting the lines around, Nick Buckler once again answered the call and scored to tie it at 5.  However the most unbelieveable happened, and the Fury caught Team Guinness sleeping and scored with .01 on the clock to end the second period.  Are you freaking kidding me, the crowd and the Guinness bench was in shock.

The third period was a series of****plays and bad passes half way through, nothing was going the right way.  However, with another line shift and only 23 seconds left on the clock and an onslaught of shots, with an extra attacker, Team Guinness did the impossible and once again, Joe Szymanski chipped he puck in the net and recorded a much needed goal to force OT.  Not wanting to allow the Fury to gain any momentum, Team Guinness asserted themselves as they had wanted to all night and forced the Fury to the outside of the crease and took advantage of a misdirected pass and created an odd man rush.  This time, Chandler "The Iced Assassin" Morey took a backhand to the back of the net and Team Guinness once again pulled off a miracle to win the Championship.

"Damn proud of the guys, and their never say die attitude!" - Coach Jakey

Season Notes:

Alex Barile broke the team record for goals scored in a season (22), this stat was previously held by Steve Buckler (18).

Lance Miller set a new personal best for goals scored in a season (8).

Nick Buckler also had personal bests with (24) points, and (14) goals.


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