The shot heard 'round the world

Posted January 3, 2016

The shot heard 'round the world

Macomb (AP) - Team Guinness shocked FUBAR on Saturday night with a 8-2 win, and someone blasted a cannon.

Team Guinness rebounded from a disappointing loss last week by scoring 8 goals on a FUBAR, while goaltender Mike Urban stopped 27 to notch the win for Team Guinness..

"It was a great win, the guys played great tonight"  coach Jakey said after the game "Everyone skated hard, forechecking was great, and they did a great job of reducing the penetrating skater entering our zone".

Alex Barile and Joe Szymanski each scored twice to lead the team, Nick Buckler, Lance Miller, Pat Allen, and Tom Gorzelski also scored.  For the second time in team history everyone on Team Guinness received a point, with many of the guys netting an assist, Steve Buckler had two.

Worth noting, the goal of the night belonged to Tom Gorzelski.  Tom got the puck on a pass from Steve Buckler late in the second period, Tom crossed the blue line and blasted a slapshot that found the back of the net over the shoulder of the FUBAR goalie.  "Fifteen years, I have had that building up in me, I was finally able to let it go"  said Gorzelski after the game.  Let's not keep that under wraps for another 15 Tom.

Mike Urban was solid in net for Team Guinness stopping several shots that normally would have been goals.  "Mikey played brilliant tonight" said defenseman Gerald Thiem, ''He wasn't perfect, but he we scored enough to take pressure of him".  After the game Mike Urban was quoted as saying "The credit goes to the rest of the team, putting up 8 takes a lot of pressure off of me, but when the forwards are putting pressure on them early and the defense backckecks early it really changes the game".

Team Guinness has struggled to put up goals in the last 3 goames winning only two in the last 4 games.  However, looking back at the last 11 games, they are 8-2-1.  But many of the guys look at that as in the past and see the playoffs as entirely different.  "You can't put too much emphasis on the regular season, those games are only important to prepare us for the playoffs", "the season really starts for us once the puck drops in the playoffs"  said Chandler Morey, who enjoyed a frosty tall Guinness afterwards.

Team Guinness may have found their stride but they know that a recent win will all be forgotten if they are unable to keep the momentum next week as each game is viewed as a single step in getting closer to the championship.  Assuredly, they will not take anyone lightly, and fully expect to have the best come at them in the next week.



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