the picture says it all

Posted November 15, 2015

the picture says it all

Macomb (AP) - A high-scoring effort from Team Guinness and push to 5 wins in their last 6 games.

Lance Miller, Alex Barile, and Joe Szymanski each scored twice and Mike Urban made 25 saves to lead Team Guinness to a 10-4 win Saturday night, handing the Grinders their second straight loss.

Steve Buckler, Scott Jakey, Nick Buckler, and Chandler Morey also scored as Team Guinness who have won for the fifth time in six games. Urban commented after the game, that he also felt good, despite letting a few goals.

''It was a clean game, a little different,'' Urban said. ''We are not used to games where the guys are just out there to play hockey instead of being to overly chippy or frustrated"

Jakey who scored his first of the year also had two assists, identified an area that really worked in the game.  ''A lot of forwards jumped in there and pushed some offense, which was good.'' ''I've said it a few games in a row now, there's been lots of opportunity and lots of chances and sometimes it takes a little shake-up to get things going. 


That shake-up was referred to moving Alex Barile to RW for the first period, "Alex can skate any position, RW, LW Chicken Wing, so for a period I wanted to shake the positions up and make a few moves. 

''I don't think that you are going to find a guy in here who is happy about the way anything went tonight,'' Grinders goaltender Rick Zwies said. ''It was not a good game, it was not a good game at all.''

It has been noted that Team Guinness often shies away from running up the score late in the game, but scored 4 times in the final period, three of which came in the last 6 minutes.

Nick Buckler broke it down after the game.  "We were not pushing, Scotty and Big Buck skated down with Joe and played a game of keep away avoiding taking the shot, and unintentionally the puck ended up in their net."

Buckler also shocked the team announcing he would be buying the first round of drinks at the bar after scoring the 100th goal of his career.  "I have been mooching off you guys for years, it was time to step up and give one back."

"But everything else can go on my dad's tab, my money tree is just a sapling."

NOTES: Not that you really give a shit, but the fact you are still reading this is impressive or sad, it's actually more sad than impressive, but not sad in the point of world famine, but I think you get the point, I wanted to give you something entertaining.  Oh and BTW, when you crash another table at a restaurant and invite people over to drink wine at your house and then you don't answer the door when they come over, standard protocol is to have wood chips thrown at your window.


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