? - 2004 - Blue Ice / Dinky Dinosaurs 
This is known by only a few as the dark period.  The early development time and a time before powder blue jerseys "the heavyweights" or whatever you want to call them where relinquished to wear jerseys that cannot be described nor replicated on this site due to them being straight up ugly.  To be perfectly honest there is not a lot of data on this time period other than a memory of those jerseys and those that wore them. 
2005-2007 - Hurricanes
2005 saw a slight change in personnel and new look for the team, the North American 2001 All Star (dark) jersey was selected to be the uniform for the now "Hurricanes".  Back to Back championships were in the cards for the 'Canes and while this was a great success for the team, it also started what could only be described as the evolution of the league.  D teams were getting stronger and after a failed Winter 2006 season the face of the team changed again this time going corporate with a sponsor, new look and new management.
2007-2009 - Allure Medical Spa
Lightning strikes again for the the boys with new uniforms, as the new sponsor Allure Medical Spa provided new jerseys and a new look.  Jason Bagnall took over management of the team from John Kochanski who took a season off for personal reasons to only come back the next half.  After a disappointing move to the C division and unlikely drop from the playoffs in the early round, the boys bounced back strong by winning big the next season capturing the championship again for the second time with the new sponsor and fourth for the franchise.  Unfortunately all good things come to an end and so did this run after another disappointing finish to the Winter 2008 season.  Allure Medical was dropped from sponsorship and several players left the team to free agency.
2009-2010   -  M.O.A.M Hurricanes
The Hurricanes came back with a new look and new sponsor for the storied franchise.  New direction comes change and it did so with a roster overhaul.  It stayed the course in their first season by winning the Championship in season one.  However, the following seasons only found mild success by making the semi-finals the following two years and the sponsorship dried up.  The team stayed faithful but the pressure to win was more than Al wanted to take and provided team owners with his resignation, thus promoting Scott Jakey to run the ship.  If the new team does not get lost at sea, it will be interesting to see where the team ends up.  Changes are inevitable, this could get interesting.
 2011 ?   -  TEAM GUINNESS

New skipper Scott Jakey had his work cut out for him at the start of the new season, however, the team responded suprisingly well starting out the season undefeated in the first 5 games, but looked even better after 8 games with an 7-1 record.  However the cold spell plagued they fell on hard times and dropped four straight games before getting back on track and making a run.  In typical fashion the boys made a hard run in the playoffs making it to the championship game, unfortunately it did not end up with a championship trophy as Team Guinness lost 2-1 in OT.  However, in the spring of 2014 the longest cold streak was snapped when Team Guinness hoisted the trophy as champions, and then again in the Fall Winter of 2016.


Winter 2016 12 6 1 1st Place Lost in Semi-Finals  
Spring 2016 10 10 0 3rd Place Lost in Finals Team Photo
Winter 2015 12 6 1 3rd Place Won Chmpionship Team Photo
Spring 2015 12 6 1 1st place Lost in Semi-Finals  
Winter 2014 16 2 1 1st place Lost in Semi-Finals Team Photo
Spring 2014 13 7 0 2nd place Won Championship  
Winter 2013 4 8 2 4th place Lost in Semi-Finals  
Spring 2013 9 6 1 3rd place Lost in Semi-Finals  
Winter 2012 9 10 2 4th place Lost in Finals  
Spring 2012 9 8 0 3rd place Lost in Semi-Finals  
Winter 2011 11 7 0  1st Place  Lost in Semi-Finals  
Spring 2011 10 8 0  3rd Place  Lost in Semi-Finals  Team Photo
Winter 2010 13 7 0  1st place  Lost in Finals  
Spring 2010 6 9 3  5th place  Lost in Semi-Finals  
Winter 2009 9 9 0 5th place Lost in Semi-Finals Team Photo
Spring 2009 6 8 4 4th place Won Championship Team Photo
Winter 2008 6 10 2 3rd place Lost in Finals  
Spring 2008 9 7 2 4th place Won Championship  
Winter 2007 10 5 2 2nd place Lost in Semi-Finals  Team Photo
Spring 2007 12 6 1 2nd place Won Championship  Team Photo
Winter 2006 8 10  2 5th place  Lost in Finals  Team Photo
Spring 2006   14 1 3 1st place  Won Championship   
Winter 2005 12 6 1 3rd place  Won Championship Team Photo
Spring 2005 11 4 2 2nd place  Lost in Finals   
Winter 2004 no data was recovered after jerseys were mysteriously burned
Totals 197 128 28      


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