Who's going to the Big Dance
If Joe's new dress is any indication...I'd say we are

Macomb - Winning the regular season and losing in the playoffs is like kissing your sister.  Now I know some of you sicko's are saying "What if she's just a step sister"  my point would be made.

So it's fitting that Jay Girling came up huge with a pair of goals and Norm Schmezle played lights out in net and the Hurricanes advance to the finals despite only winning 3 regular season games.

What's the difference?  One could speculate that the team just needs 15 games to work out the kinks.  One could also speculate that the forwards fore checked well and slowed the rushes and picked guys up at the right point, not committing too early and skated agreesively.

Defense played phenominal again and Gosh Theim received the "BadAss Award" of the weekend for his contributions to the end of game fisco.  In all honesty, Gosh was both guilty and innocent in his part.  First of all, there is less than 40 seconds to go in the game, there is no reason for the opposing team to take nasty slashing shots like that, but Gosh should have known better to let it go and avoid the major penalty.  But he stood his ground and we are proud of him for it.

Play of the game is a close call.  It's hard not to recognize the goal that was fed to Rob O'Connor from Dan Fornarola who received a drop pass from Jakey and then created goalie distractions on the strong side.  "It was just a sweet play, Dan called for the drop as he probably saw Rob coming in on the right, he has great vision and made it happen."  Jakey said after the game.  But the award will probably lean towards Jay Girling's show of power and presence when he won a faceoff in the Blades zone and quickly took a shot between the defenders legs past the goalie.  It may not sound all that impressive, but believe me, if you can win the faceoff, get position and take a shot and score all within a few seconds and never leave the faceoff circle...it was very impressive.

The Hurricanes will no doubt be tested by the Blades again on Saturday as they convicingly beat the Devils on Sunday setting up what could turn out to be a real interesting game on Saturday.  Brent Nowakowski seemed confident that he would see the 'Canes again as he gauranteed them to beat the Devils...  Apparantly he was right and the stage is set for what will no doubt be a battle.

A Riddle
What do you get when you take a team that only wins 3 games in the regular season and put them in the playoffs?

Macomb - Much like many seasons from the past, the Hurricanes did not light the fire during the regular season, but found a way to start the playoffs with a win.

Jay Girling played one his best games yet scoring two goals and Gosh Theim scored the game winner as the Hurricanes advance to the next round.

Despite a pair of scoring streaks that ended from Dan Fornarola and Scott Jakey, the Hurricanes showed poise coming from behind to scramble the lines and pull a victory from a team that has surely caused plenty of trouble in the past.

Scott Jakey played his worst game offensively missing out on three breakaways, but played strong defense and broke up two rushes and helped hold off the late surge by the Devils.

Gerry Theim played stellar notching a 3 point night assisting on all 3 goals by the Canes.  We are waiting for updates from the rest of the games played to determine who the 'Canes will face in the next round, but we do know it will be May 30 @ 7:15pm

Finding ways to NOT lose

Is better than laying down and taking a beating

Macomb - You know capping off a dismal season with a pair of ties, pretty much sums up the whole season.  It's how we played and things have gone for us all year, not quite together enough to make wins happen when they possible, and losing more than we should.  But ending the season with 4 ties and only 3 wins means that we still lost more games than we won or tied.

Last night's game was different though, we played as a unit, our passing was strong and showed promise as we stepped up and created chances.  We back checked and forechecked when it was necessary, and although there were the typical breakdowns, we did not fall apart in the final 5 minutes.

Norm Schmelzle played one of his best games and gave the scoring lines a chance to score and ultimately preserved a tie, stopping numerous breakaways and covered up the puck when he realized it was necessary.  The forwards were spread out and passing quite nicely and although even I made some mistakes, in the end we gelled together to preserve a tie.

So why am I making something out of tying a game?  Simple, because a tie in regulation during the playoffs means we still have a chance, a chance that we gave to ourselves.  Whether we win or lose the game, is not indicitive to our determination to give ourselves every chance to win.

By the way, you should all check out the playoff tree, not what I expected, but true to their word, Al and Steve are giving everyone a chance to win in the playoffs.

There's no place like home
as long as you have directions to get there

Macomb - In a game featuring plenty of promise but delivering little result, an unlikely line and a familiar tandem provided enough to salvage a tie in what could have been a complete disaster closing out the regular season.

Dan Fornarola received a pass from Jason Bagnall and slipped and dipped defenders to tie the game with less than 1:45 remaining in the third period.  Backup Goalie Mike stopped 19 shots, and the Hurricanes saved defeat trying to show grit as they look forward to the final game next week and move towards the playoffs.

Darin Ode scored the opener for the Hurricanes with 1:15 left in the second period tying the game after the breakdown in the first minute had the boys scratching their heads.

Just as significant, was the line that was on the ice at the time, was Joe Slayton, Joe Grusling with Ode.  "They were able to produce, and that's all that mattered, it's good to see that they all contributed on the score as well" Coach Al Atwood commented after the game.  "We were short certain players and we needed to shift players around, and they scored a big goal for us" 

There is no discounting the fact that the Hurricanes have struggled this year, production has been limited to a handful of guys, it will need to spread out even more as well as consistency from the production line if this team wants to make any impact in the playoffs.

We are dialed in for the playoffs. 

Just a reminder for anyone offended by my bantering.  This site is meant to bring a few things; stats, information and laughter.  If you came here for something else, well first of all, you came to the wrong place, secondly don't take anything too serious.


The next rounds of cuts
No one is safe anymore

Macomb - Rumors have been reported that long standing traditions could be broken in the coming months. 

In what is shaping up to be a disappointing regular season, one can only wonder what the next episode in this soap opera of a hockey team will look like.  "The core" as it has always been referred to could be shaken from the foundation and a few familiar faces may bid a fond farewell.

Since no love interests are in this script we have to turn the page to other interesting sub plots and storylines that will not only entertain, but keep the plot thickening and evolving.

Last nights game was without a doubt a repeat of almost every single game this season.  We are up or down, we tie, and in the third period, more specifically late in the third period... we collapse like a house of cards.  Now this is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is something that we need to... wait.. screw that, it's horseshit and you and I both know it.  We have never been that team and we are not going to continue to be that team for long... THAT I GUARANTEE.

So "the dick" lobbies for another round of cuts, the coach puts himself on the chopping block and the interim coach remains to have a perfect 1-0 record.  The real question that will unfold is how strong is your hold to the glue that bonds...

In closing, the thing to always remember is that whether you can or you can't, you're right.

Cardinals 4, Hurricanes 1
a few good beers

Macomb - Well what else can be said for this game except... oh****I don't know... sloppy?

First period started off fast paced right from the faceoff, both sides moved the puck well, opening scoring chances.  The Cardinals struck first with a slipshot that made its way past Norm Schmelzle.

The Hurricanes battled hard but did not find and answer to the 1-0 deficit until the and of the first period when Bob O'Connor raced his gurney down the ice, with IV in tow, knocking on death's door from the ferrocious elbow he took last week.  Either that or the haircut... you decide. Anyway he scored the only goal.

But that was not for lack of effort, there were many chances, but no execution.  The boys will have to re-group over the next 2 weeks to get ready to play a very tested Blue Bellies team that is hitting their own stride preparing for the playoffs.

Missing persons, injuries and a much needed sub 
But we win again!

Macomb - It took Dan Fornarola almost 15 minutes to score his first goal initiate a takeover in Saturday night's game against the Chief's, but his teammates will tell you, it was well worth the wait.

Fornarola scored the tying goal with 1:03 remaining in the first period, his 7th straight game with a goal, to help the Hurricanes to a 4-3 victory over the Chiefs on Saturday extending their unbeaten streak to 3 games.

Hes a go-to guy, said Hurricanes winger Darin Ode, He always wants those big goals, and he got it again. Its definitely two huge points for us.  Actually it's three if you count the assist Dan got :40 after his goal.

Jason Bagnall had a goal and an assist for the Hurricanes, who are finding their groove in the second half of the season. All one has to do is check the stats and it is easy to see the difference.  In the first 7 games the Hurricanes were stifled in only scoring 14 goals.  They have equaled that total over the last three games.

Darin Ode also scored for the Hurricanes after taking a redirected slap shot, "Darin had his stick on the ice and put himself in the right place".  Jason Bagnall commented.

I think as a team weve been playing well these last few games, and we just need to continue playing well over the next five games and into the playoffs, said Ode, who had only two points in his previous 9 games. Thats the most important thing, to get on kind of a hot streak going into the playoffs.

Center Rob O'Connor took an ugly hit in the beginning of the third period that sidelined him for the rest of the game. "Bobby is a tough loss for us in the game, you could tell we were affected as we didn't have his speed out there when we needed it"  Forward Scott Jakey said.

The Canes were also without father and son combo Gerry and Gosh Theim who were out on family business.  Also missing was Jay Girling who needed to be with family as his son had a high fever and required medical attention.

"We are finding ways to score goals, and we have found a way to preserve a win, but these close games get real scary and we could sure use a convicing win to shake the remainder of the rust off."  Jakey said after the game, who filled in as  coach for regular coach Atwood,  as he was out on family matters.

"Scotty, did a good job, called lines in the lockerroom, made up the power play line, and gave instruction to what he wanted to see in certain situations, plus we won which makes us undefeated with him as coach."  Dan Fornarola pointed out at the after game.

So close
yet so far away

Macomb -  Trying to string wins together has not come easy for the 'canes this season. 

The Hurricanes have longed for 5 goals in each game figuring that was their magic number to win games.  Last week it was enough for a win, this week they held a 5-4 lead with :43 left in the third. 

At the :29 mark, the win walked away, and the 'Canes settled for a 5-5 tie. This came from being up 5-3 with 3 minutes left in the game and after starting 3-1.

Jay Girling started the fun the for the Canes with a pair of goals early in the first.  Dan Fornarola, Gosh Theim and Joe Slayton each added a goal for the 'Canes.

A New Plan
Score 5 goals every game and we might win a few more

Macomb - The Hurricanes gave the Jagerbombers a taste of their own medicine and a first-hand look at the future.

The Hurricanes, who have struggled at scoring goals this season finally got everything working for them on Saturday, netting 5 goals in regulation.

Jay Girling and Scott Jakey scored twice in the high-powered effort by the Hurricanes.

We shot the puck, we got it to the net and you really dont ever bank on scoring like that consistently, Wings defensemen Lance Miller said. A couple good shots either surprised the goalie or handcuffed him and the next thing you know its in the net.

We definitely came out better in the second and that was kind of how we got rewarded.

Dan Fornarola also scored for the 'Canes marking his first straight game with a goal and the third time this season he has scored a goal and setup 2 others, and Norm Schmelzle stopped 21 shots for the Hurricanes. 

The team is starting to work together better recognizing the weaknesses and capitalizing on the mistakes, basically doing everything they can to help get the team out of the basement.

"We're a sleeper team right now, noone expects anything from us" said Winger Dan Fornarola "There might be a few more cuts to make, but that's hockey, it will be interesting to see how the guys take the fact that their money only covered the regular season"

Last night's game marked the first time this season that the Hurricanes have scored 5 goals in a game, a number that team captain Al Atwood has been preaching every week "We have been hunting for that elusive mark all year, Al has said from week one, we have to score goals and our number was five"  Winger Scott Jakey commented "Well we got our five and held on to preserve the win"

"I would rather watch mustard play this ketchup"

Brian is laughing his ass off right now!

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Miller Lite, Bud, Bud Light, Guinness, Malibu and Pineapple & Jack Daniels
We ordered with precision, celebrated Rob's 39th birthday and put the game behind us.

Hurricanes 3, Cardinals 3
Did we tie or lose?

The Hurricanes skated to a tie against the first place team the Royal Oak Cardinals, reserve goalie Bob Bartch filled in for the Hurricanes and played a great game keeping the Hurricanes in the game.

My objective was to get settled in as quickly as possible, Bartch said about his preparation on the ice. I got into the groove early as I was tested almost immediately.

Bartsch stopped 28 shots of the 31 he faced and made some very impressive saves down the stretch while the defense broke down including a full butterfly kick save in the last 2 minutes that all but saved the game.

The defense stepped up and provided some offense, when Lance Miller scored in the third period with a strange shot that was deflected and caused a fluttering of the puck and went over the head of the Cardinals goaltender.  Dan Fornarola had a big night with a goal and a two assists and Scott Jakey also scored for the Hurricanes.

Same roster, same mistakes
Same results

Nothing cutesy today boys, don't take it personal, but this needs to be addressed.

The unwritten rule around the lockerroom has always been, regular season is all practice for the playoffs, but making the same mistakes week in and week out will make the playoffs short and sweet with an early exit invitation.

Wingers must play smarter and use the boards to their advantage and play position.  It also goes to say that you must cover your zone, we are getting killed chasing the puck.  Yes, I know that I have been guilty of it too, but it needs to stop.

Defense is playing great, picking up defenders, challenging early and it's working, but what happens when there is a lack of communication?  We need to move the puck around better and start creating plays in our zone and move it up the ice.

Blind passes have to get controlled, throwing the puck out of the zone without looking for someone is killing us, If you are skating to the puck or you just get the puck, listen to your team, chances are you will hear them tell you what to do.  Whether or not you have time or someone is coming on.  If you don't hear anything, chances are you are okay. Move the puck and then pass to the open guy.

Lastly, we are not, NOT a dump and chase team, let's start playing a little smarter.

Winning sure as hell makes hockey fun
Funny how they go so well together

The Hurricanes have won for the first time of the season, and in fitting fashion they did so with tremendous team play.

The roster shakeup could have been a tragic as just 2 hours before the drop of the puck we received notice that two of the guys WHO ALREADY COMMITTED TO PLAYING backed out. So it was back to the drawing board and Coach Al made some phone calls and pulled two subs in to help out.

The pace of the game was moving fast in the first period and the battle moved on, an ugly goal made it past Norm "Chatterbox" Schmelzle, but the second period was all 'Canes.  After receiving a pair of back to back penalties, Dan Fornarola fed a pass to Steve Buckler who went for a one-timer, but drubbed the shot, but Dan eventually got the puck back and sent another pass to Steve who took the pass and set up a slapshot that found it's way to the back of the net.  Jeff Kozlowski had a very nice goal as well and Dan Fornarola added some insurance to make it 3-1. 

The third period was all goalie and defense.  Hurricanes goaltender Norm Schmelzle   posted impressive numbers for this game notching his first win.  He had 27 saves, 22 of which came after the goal in the first and helped the team out with his on ice chatter.

All that matters to me is the win, Schmelzle said. I dont care if its 3-1, 3-2, or 3-0, as long as we win.

Schmelzle won his first for the Hurricanes, after a disappointing outing last week.

I definitely feel more comfortable out there, Schmelzle said. Im just trying to be more aggressive and make myself look bigger in net.


What the %&#$
That was something....

There is an element of truth when faced with certain details of hockey.  You have to play as a team, you have to control your passes, and you have to build off a strong defense. 

Saturday's game was an exercise in just the opposite.  Now, with that said, there are some factors that are in place, we have 4 new guys on the team who have either never played with us, or have had limited exposure to this team.  In addition we have a few guys who are dusting off some rust from their game after being out for a few years. 

So taking that into consideration, the Hurricanes took the ice on Saturday night without expectation.  Despite obvious glaring holes in play and grouping, the team made the most of the ice time and was able to put a few decent looking rushes together.  Although no goals were scored it could be said that a lot was learned on Saturday night that will no doubt be used to spring board the team for the next few weeks.  From the first game of the season, going against what could easily be viewed as the best team in the division right now, we can only learn from mistakes and build from there.

I am not sure what the kell this is, but insiders tell us that new addition Patrick Allen has been getting some practice ice time.
Spy photos reveal new addition Patrick Allen getting in some much needed ice time. 


New Name, New Sponsor, New Jersey
All good things come to an end. That was one hell of a run!

Winter 2008 season is behind us and for the guys staying with the team we wish our departing brothers much success in their new season with their new team.

For those returning and our new guys coming in, here is a sneak peak to our new jerseys that will be coming in the next few weeks.


Fall 2008 - Winter 2009

12-28-2008 "Allure downs Hideout"

12-8-2008 "The body scores twice"

11-23-2008 "Glaser nets shutout"

11-9-2008 "Allure tops Just One"

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Winter 2008 - Spring 2008

6-13-2008 "Champions Again"

6-7-2008 "The Battle"

5-31-2008 "Coming Together"

5-17-2008 "Setting up for the playoffs"

5-11-2008 "Malibu Dan"

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2-16-2008 "Wrong League, right night"

1-26-2008 "Allure tops Knight and a rivalry renews"


Fall 2007 - Winter 2008

12-29-2007 "In Awe, Allure wins with Fornarola's Hat Trick"

12-15-2007 "How do you spell Hatrick? B-U-C-K-L-E-R"

12-8-2007 "Allure fails to contain Hideout"

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10-6-2007 "Oh what a night!"

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9-22-2007 "C us come, C us score"

9-15-2007 "Here we go again"


We are still in this!

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