All Time Coaches: 

 John Orlando 

 Rob Schelling 

 Norm Kern 

 John Rostawanik Sr. 

 John Rostawanik Jr. 

 Johnny Yurcik 

 Joe Lofberg 

 Jim Flament 

 Rich Schelling 

 Rob Cerabona 

 Headley Downton 

 Mitch Resnick 

 Frank Kern 

 Pat Colligan 

 Tom McCarren Sr. 


 Team Managers: 

 Pete Droste 

 Stacey Johnson 

 George Droste 

 Michael Schoenbach 

 David Redling 


 NYS Division 1 Championship Game Appearences: 3 

 2019 Suffern vs Syracuse 

 2012 Suffern vs Pittsford 

 1992 Suffern vs Massena 


 NYS Division 1 Champions: 2 

 2012 Suffern vs Pittsford 

 1992 Suffern vs Massena 


1992 NYS Division 1 Champions

Suffern - 4

Massena - 3   OT

2012 NYS Division 1 Champions

Suffern - 3 

Pittsford -2


 Team Records: 

 Most Points - Career: Jon Foster (297) 

 Most Points - Season: Kevin McCarren (143) 

 Most Assists - Career: Tom McCarren Sr. (136) 

 Most Assists -  Season: Justin Daniels (59) 

 Most Goals - Career: Jon Foster (169) 

 Most Wins - Coach: John Orlando (456) 


 Home Arenas of the Mounties: 

 Low-Tor Ice Center -  Original 

 Sport-O-Rama Ice Rinks -  Present 




Countdown to
The Suffern Hockey 2020/2021 Season!

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  • Welcome To The Home Page Of The Suffern Mounties Ice Hockey Program! Est. 2007
  • Thank you to our seniors: CJ Olsen, Tommy McCarren, Ryan Fennell, Dylan Foresta, Ben Katz and Jack Balk
  • Thank you to our loyal Suffern Hockey fans. You are simply the best!
  • See you all in November when we will kick off the 2020/2021 Suffern Hockey season
  • Stay healthy, stay safe and be good to each other

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