Break in the Action - Ryan Kubes puts on his game face, Jim Cavanaugh is calling out audibles, and Jon Havlicek has a typical QB pose in the background!
50 Years of SNO-BOWL

59th Sno-Bowl goes to the Ptarmigans

  Posted December 31, 2018

In the 59th Sno-Bowl, with temperatures hovering around 10 degrees, the Ptarmigans edged the Polars 8-0.  Both teams were able to move the ball but were plagued by turnovers.  The Polars used a powerful run attack led by Zack Dubanoski and Zack Shetka at halfback but every time they moved ...

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58th Sno-Bowl won by the Polars in -10 degrees

  Posted January 09, 2018

The 58th Sno-Bowl...

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Ptarmigans roll past the Polars in the 57th Sno-Bowl

  Posted January 01, 2017

       The Ptarmigans were able to defeat the Polars by a score of 14 to 6 in the 57th Sno-Bowl that included over 50 participants this year.  The Ptarmigans scored first when Austin Bachman rolled to his left and heaved a long pass to the back of the end zone that requ...

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2017 Snobowl set for Saturday December 31st

  Posted November 21, 2016

The 2017 Snobowl will be played at Memorial Park at 11:00 am on Saturday December 31st. It will be the 57th meeting between the Polars and Ptarmigans. There will be a pregame gathering at the fishtale grill starting at 9 am where appetizers will be provided.  After the game the awards ceremony ...

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56th Snobowl ends in tie

  Posted December 28, 2015

            The 2015 Snobowl was full of excitment although it would eventually end in a 12-12 tie. The game  featured many "Trojan Greats" from yester year.  Nolan Pumper commanded the Polars like a field general on the first two drives.  ...

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Countdown to
60th Sno-Bowl

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