Registration Night

Thursday, March 2

Schuyler Middle School lunchroom


This is your last chance to sign-up to play this summer!!


Winter workouts are underway!!!

Volunteer workouts are every Sunday in February and March at the new Fieldhouse, 4:00-5:30pm.













Moving it...
Merchant Park
photo6.jpg - Behind Home Plate
Merchant Park
Pole in Right CF - View of pole in right centerfield from the infield
View of RF poles - View of the 3 poles on RF side of the field
2007 Jrs Dist. R-Up - Schuyler Jrs. District Runner up team
Another draw won...
Upcoming Games
Sun May 7/17 2:00pm: (Seniors 2017)
@ Schuyler
North Bend - PRESEASON -
Schuyler -
Sun May 21/17 2:00pm: (Juniors 2017)
@ Utica
Schuyler Jrs -
Utica BC -

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