13U Pee Wee AA / AAA Program Outline

At the 13U Pee Wee level, RCBA intends to field two AA Spring teams and an AAA and an AA team in the Summer season.

The RCBA Spring season U13 Pee Wee AA teams will be selected in late February. Each team will have 11 players (22 total). This will allow for call-ups from Pee Wee A during the Spring season and the possibility of two additional players (not on the Spring Rosters) to join the Pee Wee AAA / AA Summer teams.

The RCBA AAA and AA Summer teams will be divided/selected upon completion of the Spring season. Each team will carry (up to) 12 players (24 total). 

Program Objectives

The program will be run by the Pee Wee AAA Head Coach, Scott Lunny (Program Head Coach), with the following objectives:

  1. Field competitive Pee Wee AA teams during the Spring and Summer season and produce a Pee Wee AAA Summer team that is successful in the Provincial tournament.
  2. Consistently develop fundamental baseball skills in Richmond Pee Wee aged players that can be carried forward into the RCBA Bantam AAA / AA program and higher levels.These objectives will be met by developing and implementing a single season (Spring and Summer) practice program that focuses on:
  • Repetition of fundamental baseball skills (ground-balls, fly-balls, hitting, bunting, base-running, base coverage, etc.)
  •  Exposure to more advanced baseball plays and positioning (cut-offs, double cuts, bunt defence, double plays, hit and run, delayed steal, etc.)
  • Targeted training for specific positions (e.g., middle infield, catchers, pitchers, outfield, 1st Base / 3rd Base)
  •  Individual development, as needed.

During the Spring season, the Program Head Coach will plan and schedule at least one, full-squad (joint) Pee Wee AA practice per week (2.5 hours), usually on the weekend. Depending on game (usually 3 per week -- Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday) schedules, and tournaments, there may be additional practice(s) on weekday evenings (these could be full-squad/joint, split-squad, position practices, batting practice, etc.). Each of the AA teams may elect to hold practices on their own, but games and full-squad/joint practices will take priority.

Spring Season Teams

Each Spring season Pee Wee AA team will play its own league games (scheduled by BCMBA) and two local tournaments, as well as playoffs.

  1. Team Coaches -- Each team will have a Team Coach and at least one Assistant. The Team Coach and Assistant(s) will be responsible for the team on-field during games. They will meet and communicate at least weekly with the Program Coordinator and seek the assistance of and follow the recommendations with respect to the line-up, pitching rotation and pitch counts, etc.
  2.  Team Manager – Each team will have a Team Manager who will be responsible for communication to the players/parents, reporting scores to the league, managing team funds and ensuring that the concession is properly staffed during games at Brighouse Park.
  3. Head Scorekeeper – Each team will have a Head Scorekeeper, who will ensure: a proper score sheet is kept and provided to the Program Head Coach after each game; and proper pitch-count records are kept and provided to the Program Head Coach after each game (Note: this is important for keeping stats and player development throughout the season.)
  4.  Field Manager – Each team will have a Field Manager who will establish a committee of parents to ensure the field is prepared before home games and practices, and ensure the field is properly raked and the equipment put away after home games and practices (we will be introducing the players to putting all the equipment away and raking the field after practices and games).

  • AAA Chuckers repeat as Sussex All-Star Champs!
  • Thank-you TD Canada Trust (No 3 + Granville) for your support
  • Home of the 2015 13U AAA Provincial Champs!
  • AAA Chuckers head to Kamloops for Baseball BC tourney
  • AA Chuckers in Maple Ridge for Baseball BC tourney
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