Playoffs begin with a lopsided win

Posted July 20, 2016

Red Sox 25 White Sox 2

Macario Greenwood pitched the White Sox 0 earned runs, 9 strike outs in 7 innings.

Red Sox bats hammered out 25 hits. Matching there run total.

Tyler Kube will take to the mound in playoff round two against a surging Yankee team.

This will be a good match up for the two time defending champs.

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Recent Results
Thu Jul 21/16 8:00pm:
Yankees -
Red Sox -
Tue Jul 19/16 5:30pm:
White Sox 2
Red Sox 25
Thu Jul 14/16 8:00pm:
Red Sox 10
Pirates 0
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Playoffs begin with a lopsided win

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Countdown to

(Jul 18, 2016 @ 5:30pm)

WOOT WOOT. It's here!

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  • Go Red Sox
  • 2 time defending champs

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