Red Sox 5 & 0 before high schoolers vacat for the summer season

Posted May 18, 2016

   Going into tonights  game against the Cardinals the Sox will be missing some key players. After a mid game rally last game Cardinals are looking to even things up. The 5-0 Red Sox Will not have some familiar faces in there line-up. Billy Decker, Macario Greenwood, and Tyler Kube (3 for 4, 3 triples in the last meeting against the Cards) will be playing for there perspective high schools.

The questing everyone is asking is who now to lead the Sox in mid season. Will it be our first year veterans. Who are looking like there ready to lead this team. And or will some of our rookies that are team leaders but just have not realized it yet. We will find some answers to that question and more as seasoned veteran Victor Escamilla takes the mound tonignt.

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Red Sox 5 & 0 before high schoolers vacat for the summer season

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