Welcome to the Fall 2020 Session of Paris Volleyball 

Here are a few things of note to get you started...

*****I'm using a new text app through this website so I'm not 100% sure how well it works. Please send me a quick reply via text so that I know I have your information in the system correctly and that you have seen this.  731-336-7625*****

1) You can click on the Calendar link on the menu to view the dates for our Paris and Camden practices. 

There will be 3 different locations this session (2 in Paris, 1 in Camden)

***Paris (AP) at the Atkins Porter gym, Paris (FB) at the First Baptist Church gym, Camden (CU) at the CUCA gym ... You can find the addresses for each on the Locations link on the menu. Just a heads up, the 4 practices scheduled for Atkins Porter will be "No Net" sessions but there are plenty of passing, movement, hitting, and defensive drills that will be accomplished regardless.

***Also note that more dates are scheduled on the calendar than what you signed up for. This is for two reasons ... 1) we never know when we might get bumped out of the gym for other reasons ... we are last on the priority list at most places. 2) if something related to Covid should happen, it gives us a few buffer days to make up anything missed by one person or a group of people ... if nothing occurs then you just get extra practices for free.

2) Following is the breakdown of our Practice Groups.

The coaches will be evaluating the players each week and it is very likely that we will move players to different groups to maximize the practice experience for all involved.

It is also possible that we combine two groups entirely and lengthen the practice time for the group and/or ask some to participate in more than one group.


    Group 1: 5:00-6:00         Group 2: 5:50-6:50     Group 3: 6:40-8:00        
Tavia Boggs Aubrey Baker Ashlyn Aaron
Halie Cooper Nicole Daugherty Camryn Burke*
Kami Grubb Ana Cate Douglas Taylor Faulkner*
Allie Paschall Harleigh Helton Tori Fletcher
Paisley Phifer Brook Needham Caroline Johnson*
Alyssa Travis Amelia Northam Scarlett Metzinger
Kellie Trull   Brilee Weatherly*









  Group 1: 5:00-6:00         Group 2: 5:50-6:50     Group 3: 6:40-8:00        
Myia Bevill Pearl Davis Ashlyn Aaron
Halie Cooper Ella French Camryn Burke
Bella France Anna Claire Gallien Taylor Faulkner
Brenna France Harleigh Helton Tori Fletcher
Lauren Grasso Emily Lampkins Farrah Lewis
Kami Grubb Amelia Northam Scarlett Metzinger
Alyssa Martin   Emma Jane Murphey
Lainey Martin   Aly Simmons
Allie Paschall   Brilee Weatherly
Paisley Phifer    
Kat Plaisance    











3) Click on the Handouts Page to view and print the paperwork for this session. You will need to return 4 completely filled out forms to me at the first practice.


4)Shirts will be ordered today and should be in at the beginning of November.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Coach Ross


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